Anyone Can Install This Kitchen Utensil Rod

Hang your utensilsDoes your kitchen lack storage space for utensils?  Look at them closely — most can be hung.  Get ready for a nifty and impossibly easy craft — install a Kitchen Utensil Rod.  I made this with a spring-loaded curtain rod and some common “S” hooks.  That’s it, baby.

(And before you ask…  I have yet to grab a red-hot utensil from the heat of the stovetop.  Hasn’t happened to me.)

One caveat — your range needs to be framed between two cupboards or walls.  Not every kitchen will work because of that.  In six easy-peasy steps:

  1. Measure the distance across the range from one cabinet/wall to the other.
  2. Visit a store like Bed, Bath and Beyond and find a stainless steel spring-loaded curtain rod (look where they sell drapes AND where they sell shower curtains).  It should extend up to the length of your measurement.  Because it is spring-loaded, it will have a range.
  3. Buy two dozen stainless steel 3-1/2-inch “S” hooks (I bought mine on Ebay).  These are also available in hardware stores.
  4. Once home, extend the curtain rod across the space, then keep turning the two ends until it fits snug.  Place it high and toward the back.
  5. Once satisfied with the position, eventually you should secure the rod.  I did this a few weeks later — just added two screws for the rod to rest on.  You don’t need to drill thru the metal (see photo, below).  My reasoning was, heat from the stove might eventually melt the rubber that holds the rod tight to the wall and it could fall.
  6. Hang your utensils.  Receive praise from family and friends.

Prop up with screws

S hook measurement

S hooks

Stove with easy utensil rack

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1 Kim @ Roaming Raspberry January 14, 2014 at 5:17 pm

Wow, what a simple DIY project. It looks great too! I love the hanging utensils. A definite space saver! Thanks for the idea, I love it!

2 Karen Guerra January 11, 2014 at 12:10 pm

Patti, looks like the Idea Fairy paid a visit. I bet there are many places in the home where this could be utilized.

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