Charred Bone Marrow ~ Angels Sang When I Tasted It

Bone marrow odeMaybe you won’t find this enlightening, as you have eaten bone marrow.  Larry and I watched a TV episode of Anthony Bordain wallowing in the consumption of a roasted bone marrow dish and we both went, ???   But now, I’ve been there myself.  Charred bone marrow appetizer.  It is, as I came to experience, {sigh} sublime.

On a recent girlfriend getaway to La Jolla, CA with bloggers Dorothy of Shockingly Delicious and Erika of In Erika’s Kitchen, night two we ventured a few blocks from our happy place – the La Ventana Hotel – to an eatery called Whisknladle.  HOPPING at 7 PM on a Tuesday – yes, reservations required.

Proprietor Steve had a heads-up of our arrival, thanks to the astute Nancy Hirsch, Chef Concierge at La V, who made the reserve.  Once we chatted up the menu with Steve, and heard the description of the Bone Marrow dish, we surrendered.  I won’t distract you with the other delicious dishes, you can enjoy those yourself.  I want to focus on the bone marrow.

It. Arrived.

An 8-inch or so section of cow shank bone, split lengthwise (instead of in rounds like the shape I expected), presented simply.  Indeed charred.  Some parsley, capers, lemon zest.  And big fat toast upon which to schmear.  To describe the buttery paste that is scooped with a little spoon would be to say: if you love a good steak, this is the FLAVOR and essence of the very best of that good steak.

You taste marbling.  The fat.  The steaky-steak-steakness of beef, slightly blackened to really bring that flavor up.  Warm, melted, creamy, definitely BEEF.  One order for three people was absolutely perfect.

If you had a passing thought of nutrition, it’s basically fat.  About 115 calories for a tablespoon.  With a little carb, possibly an amount of protein.  Don’t make a daily meal of it, I say.

Charred Bone Marrow | Parsley, Capers, Lemon Zest & Toasted Pain de Mie ~ $ 17.50 

Whisknladle — 1044 Wall St., La Jolla, California ~ (858) 551-7575


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