Breaking Bad Tour – An Albuquerque Phenom

Breaking Bad Tour The Candy LadyLarry followed the TV show Breaking Bad from start to finish.  I gave up after season 3.  It creeped me out.  But now, having taken the Breaking Bad Experience in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I’ll get through the last two seasons on DVD with a lot more interest.  Hey, I’ve seen the CAR WASH now!!  The show lost me when it was getting excessively over the top weird.  And violent.  That is exactly why Larry kept watching, however.

Breaking Bad was shot around Albuquerque, surrounding desert and Native American reservations.  And at the Albuquerque studios.

It is the story of a high school math teacher who contracts lung cancer. With not enough money to provide for his family’s future, he secretly turns to “cooking” meth with a former student.  Due to the fact that he’s a brilliant chemist, his product is the best in the market, and sales really take off. Then… five seasons of creepy, crawly bizzare experiences, characters, story lines.

So, we ended up NOT taking the tour featured on the flyers in the hotels.  Larry discovered The Candy Lady Breaking Bad Experience Tour (the lady was the maker of crystal meth candy used early in the show to replicate the real stuff).  Debbie made the candy and appears to be a very savvy businesswoman.  Her brother, Harold, owns a limousine.  For $75 a person, you get a comfortable tour with maximum six people and hit all the places any other tour takes you.

For Breaking Bad aficionados, you’ll recognize the sites first, and can probably visualize EXACTLY what happened in each spot.  NOTE — not all the owners of these properties are thrilled with tourists constantly trespassing for photos.  Most are fine with it, but you will notice a handful of pix shot from inside the limo.  That is because those property owners have already muscled Harold about the intrusion.  He grew up in these parts and isn’t easily scared away.

The sites we hit are listed here first, then the photos:

  • Spooge’s house – the “ATM episode.”  Turning point in Jesse’s street cred when he took credit for someone else’s “work”
  • Jesse’s parents’ home – he got stuck in the lawn chair, remember?
  • The laundromat where Jesse gave a clerk some meth
  • Jesse’s house – that garage is new.  The homeowner isn’t too keen on visitors
  • Dog House where Jesse got his first gun
  • Tuco’s hideout – those top windows didn’t last long.  KAPOWEE
  • Adobe Insurance – Jesse didn’t ace the job
  • Where the kid was shot dead
  • Twisters is the real name of the Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant
  • And lots of things went down in that parking lot
  • Two things happened in another parking lot – Walt Jr. learned to drive and Walt Sr. blew up the car
  • Albuquerque Studios, Studio #8 made a TON OF MONEY on this show
  • Crossroads Motel – Jesse and Wendy romance launched here — the real owners really hate these tours
  • Jesse and Wendy’s apartment
  • Car Wash.  Kinda cute that the real name is the Octopus.  “Have an A-1 Day!”
  • Walter White’s house.  This real family has visitors all day long.  Apparently, people have tried several times to throw a pizza on the roof.  Nobody feels too sorry for them considering five years of fees for using the house for production
  • Saul’s place is actually a strip mall bar named Hooligan’s
  • Where they “picked people up” to go for new identities
  • Andrea’s house
  • Banner at The Candy Lady store, 524 Romero Avenue West, Old Albuquerque, NM


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1 Worth The Whisk May 15, 2014 at 6:48 am

Claire, that is a storm channel. It’s in the scene where Jessie is picked up to go into hiding.

2 Claire May 15, 2014 at 3:12 am

Fascinating stuff. Please tell more about the venue where they “picked people up” to go for new identities. What are all those concrete blocks? Are they gravestones or what?

3 Ben March 24, 2014 at 9:12 am

The owners of the crossroads motel have come around, somewhat. They have a banner outside that says (before you take a picture you must come pay small fee). No idea what a “small fee” is. I stayed there a few years before the show. I got my key, went to my car, grabbed my 12 pack of beer and came upstairs. Immediately the phone rang and the @ss hole at the front announced he was coming to my room NOW to check for hookers or addition people that I didn’t pay for. It was just me that night. I came for business during baloon fiesta and at 1:00am when I arrived it was about the 12th place I had checked to find a room. I wasn’t thrilled about staying there in the first place. This tells you what the show depicts isn’t far from the truth. So I let the guy in he looked under the beds, bathrooms, closet. No one. Checked my car on the way out and told me he would be watching. Horrible experience. Only bright side is when I see it on TV I can say, I have been there, stayed there, and it’s EXACTLY like Breaking Bad depicts.

You know, I bet of the owners were friendly about the whole situation there would actually be people that stay there just because of the show. Anyone who embraced the show is cashing in now I’m sure. I have a coworker that washed his car at Walter’s car wash just for the experience. I’ve personally gone and seen all these landmarks. Very cool to see these places come to life.

4 Samantha Jane Terry October 10, 2013 at 3:08 am

I’m neeeeeext!! 🙂 It’s the only series I actually watch on TV and it never occurred to me that I can go and BE where the scenes were shot 🙂

5 Karen Guerra October 9, 2013 at 7:18 pm

Patti, I watched a few of the first season episodes, but decided it was too depressing. Jim, however, has just discovered it and watched the final episode.

Are we going to see some Breaking Bad recipes?

6 charlotte October 9, 2013 at 2:40 pm

It was awesome.
Glad you did this.
Enjoyed meeting you as well

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