My Newly Discovered Perfect Way to Cook Salmon–Oven Roasted In A Skillet

salmon fillets with captionEat more salmon. Every doctor says that. We try. But we’d frankly rather eat pasta or salad or soup or pizza or Asian noodles.  Sigh. Must try harder. Perfect timing for this Wall St. Journal article on restaurateur Ed Schoenfeld’s method of oven roasting salmon. Easy. Fast. Spectacularly tasty. Gadzooks, this was written for ME.


  1. Preheat a super hot oven (500 degrees).
  2. Sea salt the fish.
  3. Heat an oven-proof skillet on the stovetop smoke-hot then add a little oil (I used grapeseed oil for its high heat point; his method uses olive oil)
  4. Sear the skin side ONLY for 30 seconds. Don’t flip the fish or move it or anything
  5. Put the skillet in the very hot oven for six minutes.
  6. Remove and plate. Fresh lemon slices, that’s it.

Excellent. Seriously flavorful.  Not a smidge of dryness. DAMN, this is how to cook salmon!

NOTE:  It is so fast, you might want to first have every other thing for dinner already done. (It took three times longer to preheat the oven than to cook the fish.)

Six minutes

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