Artisan Bread a la Larry {Cool Kit Involved ~ Product Review}

What makes Larry happy? Awesome artisan bread. We call it “heroin,” he loves it so much. He claims as a kid to have often consumed the better part of a loaf of French bread right after school.  So “Leave It To Beaver” of him.

Larry is a good baker. And a VERY good shopper. Somewhere online he discovered the Average Joe Artisan Bread Kit.  “Larry, what did UPS deliver?”  “NOTHING.”

Average Joe Artisan Bread KitAn enamel pot, reminiscent of the 50s, is a bonus in this bread making kit that I’ll bet got him excited. He likes collecting cool kitchen things. When I was cleaning out rooms for our house sale, Larry practically went catatonic as I decluttered kitchen drawers of cool stuff accumulated in more than three decades of marriage. Time for fresh cool stuff!

And so, he made artisan bread. And it came out… GORGEOUS.  Crunchy, fluffy, and WHITE.  Having white bread in this house is verboten. We are aging baby boomers, required to eat 100% whole wheat, for crissake. But from the company’s FAQs:

  • Can I make whole wheat bread with the Kit?
  • Sure can. I prefer a lighter loaf, so I use 1 cup whole wheat flour and 2 cups white flour. You can use up to 100% whole wheat flour, though you’ll wind up with a much denser and heavier loaf. But the crust will still be good.  🙂

bread 2You know, I really like this kit.  The instructions are clear.  It comes with all the tools and ingredients to make a few loaves of Joe’s Golden Standard. Then, those ingredients are easily found in a normal supermarket, including King Arthur Bread Flour.  When you need more “bread dust?” Pick up a package of Bob’s Red Mill Cornmeal and you are set.

If you want insight and encouragement, also read this New York Times article on the secret art to perfect of artisan bread.  It was an inspiration for “Average Joe” to launch this product.  Smart guy.  Cute kit.

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1 Worth The Whisk May 14, 2013 at 6:27 pm

THANK YOU for that bit of advice on the dust. That was hard to clean out of the pan, but now I know its importance.

2 Thimbleanna May 14, 2013 at 6:10 pm

What a fun surprise to see Joe’s Bread Kit on your blog! I’m in his neck of the woods — my sister knows him and she gave me the kit several years ago for Christmas. I made it the first time and then thought that I really didn’t need a special pan, and went back to making artisan bread from the famous book. But I’ve returned to Joe’s kit — there’s just something about the way the crust turns out. And may you never forget to put the dust in the bottom of the pan — it’s pretty darn hard (if not impossible) to get the bread out of the pan in one piece!

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