The Bat Cave. Ride a Bike There. See Hollywood. It’s Pretty Darn Fun!

StorefrontLarry and I are not athletes. We own bikes, and ride distances that safely allow us to get home without physical trauma. But we’ll give adventure a shot, especially when it’s a good value. That turned out to include renting bikes in Hollywood to tour from Grauman’s Chinese to the Hollywood Sign. This was our two-hour Bike Tours Hollywood.

My butt was already sore from the CicLAvia bike ride on Sunday. My legs, like Jell-o. But oh hell, jump the Metro from Culver City (read how to do that here), meet up with adventure buddies Cathi and Barry and find this little LA gem of a tour – riding bikes around Hollywood, including a secret wilderness close-up of the Hollywood Sign.  Just $20.  Total blast.


Tour owner, Scott, managed traffic like a cop. Pointed out famous movie spots we peddled past (Look! Julia’s apartment in Pretty Woman!). All the while, zigging and zagging us safely through Hollywood streets until we got to… (THIS is kind of hard to believe) nature!

To get there… we saw architecture. We saw the grimy Hollywood in daylight. We learned some good Hollywood lore and some fresh insights (Larry prides himself on knowing a lot of LA stuff, but even HE picked up plenty of new things).  Then, we turned left, went under the freeway, popped out the other side, peddled past the Scientology Center, turned another left and while sightseeing some very pretty houses, meandered up the gentle slope of the Hollywood Hills to a park.

Hollywood sign up closeWe four are native Angelinos. We know you cannot get actually TO the Hollywood sign without breaking a few trespassing laws. This interesting spot is just above Hollywood, lock the bikes and hike briefly up and around the corner to… THE BAT CAVE.  The real one from our tween years of television watching.

bat cave

To take this fun bike tour, check the website in advance.  Book online to guarantee bikes will be there for you.  Reserve a helmet if you don’t bring your own. The closest Metro station is Hollywood & Highland, then walk two blocks east on Hollywood Boulevard to find their sign on the sidewalk.

PS — This was our second foray into Hollywood this week (we live in Playa Vista, at the beach end of LA). A few days earlier, we Metro’d in to see Anthony Bourdain and Roy Choi on stage at the Pantages, interviewing each other about food, and gossiping about people they dislike in food. Anthony was toned down version of his snarky self (which is why people follow him).  Roy was endearing. Good show.

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1 sippitysup April 29, 2013 at 9:40 am

The Bat Cave is a fun hike. I live nearby and often walk that way. There is also a hike up and BEHIND the Hollywood sign that is fun. You can’t get TO it or touch it by you can get within 10 or 15 yards of it. No bikes however, you’ll have to do that one on foot. GREG

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