“Think Pink” ~ Where to Stay in Carmel By The Sea

hofsas house frontThe Hofsas House is a boutique family-owned inn in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, run by savvy proprietress Carrie, granddaughter of founder Donna. The inn is famously PINK, and a perfect destination for a girlfriend getaway.

It’s not hot pink like the Madonna Inn (San Luis Obispo, a good quick potty stop on a road trip from LA).  There, you’re awash in grandness and garishness – all in a good way, mind you. It’s just plain fun.

madonna inn

It’s not Pepto Bismol pink like Pink Trash and Treasures in Buellton, directly across the street from our lunch at Pea Soup Andersen’s. You must NEVER drive past Buellton. You must stop for pea soup. And, if you are a shopper, must NEVER pass up this treasure store. I scored a furry hat ($8), bead-and-sequined vintage shell ($26) and matching beaded handbag ($13), plus a leaf-shaped serving dish, that one only $9.

Erika getting in the mood

This was a girlfriend getaway with fellow food & travel bloggers, Erika of In Erika’s Kitchen and Dorothy of Shockingly Delicious.  We were hosted by the generous folks at the Hofsas House – as part of their marketing strategy, they realize bloggers are enthusiastic about telling our readers all about adventures and discoveries. Note: We are not OBLIGATED to write anything in exchange for the comp. This is how PR works – you put the opportunity out there and then hold your breath. But the instant we hit the road from Santa Monica, we three were hell bent on having plenty to tell you about.  The PINK THEME was becoming gleefully evident.

CarrieThe Hofsas House is a soft, pale seashell sort of pink. With 38 uniquely decorated rooms, you can choose from a variety of environs — girly or not. Pink doors are “Dutch,” a lovely Carmel-by-the-Sea feature (the door is split so it can open just the top, or if you are dopey, just the bottom). When we remodeled our Westwood home, we installed a Dutch door to our laundry room to put the pugs in there during parties without totally shutting them behind doors.

Hofsas HouseIf you come to Hofsas House with your significant other, plan ahead and ask for a room with an ocean view overlooking the pines in the village (they have plenty of those rooms, so don’t fret). And… order the $30 wine and cheese tray, you’ll THANK ME – sit, sip, snack and soak up a glorious sunset, then walk instead of drive {perchance a little tipsy} to a lovely dinner (try Mundaka for tapas, more about that in another post).

Why Hofsas? Here’s my list:

  • Shopping is literally RIGHT THERE. This matters to me, whether or not I actually buy anything. I’m a recreational shopper when given the chance, and I never have the chance at home.
  • Fireplaces in many rooms. Ya gotta love it.
  • A pool. Hard to find at other places in Carmel by the Sea.
  • Saunas. Ahhhh.
  • Free WiFi. I used to travel with a laptop because I had work to do. Then, I started NOT working on trips, too much hassle. So for email, with smart phones, it didn’t matter. But now that I have an iPad, it’s FUN to be connected and I appreciate the free WiFi.
  • Not a chain.It’s family owned and run. I’m a slave to chains because I collect hotel points, but in all honesty, supporting lovely family businesses feels better.
  • It’s in CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA.  Why do I keep saying that instead of just “Carmel?” It’s the one-square-mile heart of this magical area, with lots of kitschy details (no street addresses, for example) that feed the snob in me. Carmel valley is the bigger area, and you also have nearby Monterey, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach. Go visit those, but come home to Hofsas.
  • Rates are reasonable. The area has a reputation for being “pricey,” which Hofsas helps dispel. Prices do fluctuate, as all hotels, based on season and events. The AT&T golf tournament was the weekend after our visit, hard to get a room then.
  • Continental breakfast is included. I LOVE that because I like to eat.
  • And because I like to eat, it makes me happy that many rooms have kitchenettes.  Warm up my dinner leftovers for lunch the next day (you KNOW I am cheap, right?).
  • The beach is a few blocks’ walk. Down hill, sure. That is how you get the killer view from this hotel.
  • Matriarch Donna Hofsas, now deceased, comes with a good story. I won’t spoil that for you as you’ll enjoy learning it on-site.
  • No gym. How is this good?  Because, as Carrie points out, it encourages us to GET OUT. Hike the miles of trails, run on the beach, ride a bike, walk and hold hands (uh, not with Erika or Dorothy, but if Larry were here, I would hold his).  This is God’s country.

wine and cheese


More posts are upcoming with additional details of this trip. Thank you to our gracious and generous hosts: Hofsas House in Carmel by the Sea.  Located between 3rd & 4th Ave
on San Carlos Street.
P.O. Box 1195
Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA 93921

Phone: (831) 624-2745 Info@HofsasHouse.com

Quoting mural

bloggers on beach

Dorothy blogs at Shockingly Delicious.  Erika is In Erika’s Kitchen.  And you know me, I blog here.

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