Travel Must-Have ~ My Teensy Eyeglass Tool Kit

tool-kit.jpgThere are people who take trips, and people who travel. And then there are Seasoned Travelers. This year alone, we rang in the New Year in Havana, Cuba.  Mid-year trek to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos. Thanksgiving, visit Africa a fourth time, this one to see the Rwandan gorillas. Seasoned travelers carry useful stuff…

I was never a Girl Scout, but I should have been (I’m a home economist, which is a grownup version). Be Prepared, my motto.

This tiny thing is in my toiletry case. An eyeglass tool kit the size of a golf pencil. Larry and I wear reading glasses. And sunglasses. Inevitably on adventures, someone loses a screw (from their glasses. But then again, also from the stress and challenges of exotic travel).

No Wal-Mart in the Galapagos.

When you travel, you encounter dust, dirt, dropped bags. Sometimes, a camera needs a tiny screwdriver. Binoculars. Tripod. Some other piece of equipment. The screwdriver in this kit is REALLY TINY. REALLY useful.

And as a business traveler for decades, I can tell you that screws also fall out in Chattanooga hotel rooms after the sidewalks have rolled up.

Sure, we put little dollops of nail polish on the screws. But they still fall out. We carry spare spectacles. Using a safety pin in the eyeglass hinge makes you look like a dork, but is also a useful stand-in.

Eyeglass tool kit — $1.99 at CVS, Rite-Aid or other drug store, usually on the display of cheap reading glasses or at the checkstand.

–> What other useful stuff do I pack? Meds. Leftover painkillers from shoulder surgery came in handy when our bus in India accidentially hit our bus boy, Ashok. Antibiotics in case of infection. Pepto Bismol. Tylenol PM. Cough drops. Antihistamines. Bandaids. All those sample packets of Excedrin and Tylenol. And a whole lot more. Ask any Seasoned Traveler if they carry a pile of meds like this and I can pretty much guarantee they will say yes.  Now… go travel!

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1 Mike Currie June 4, 2012 at 7:32 pm

Hey Patti,
During my travels I carry a small leather zip-up deer skin pouch with.. you guessed it, a similar screwdriver kit for my assorted glasses and other small task’s as well. Depending on where I am going, I will also include small items such as a compass; magnifying glass; pocket knife and dental floss (multiple uses). These are some basic items that I have found to be helpful for minor stressful situations during travel.
Best regards, Mike Currie

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