A Few Favorite Photos and Their Related Posts ~ A Roundup

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My photography skills fall between Good Camera <—> Lucky Shot. I’m not saying these are award-winning, just favs that bring the reader to interesting stories (in my opinion). Larry and I travel quite a bit, and exotic destinations can produce killer shots. But beauties happen right here at home, too.  Enjoy!

Photo, above, is Baby Celeste. She was comfortably parked inside a citrus box while her mom was processing mail orders for Ojai Pixie Tangerines. Here is the story about those fabulous fruits.


Yes, I have showcased this shot a million times. It just brings me back so quickly to our India adventure. Eating in India, read it here.

Coffee mugs heating

African winter. We were on safari and slept in tent camps, freezing. The morning’s coffee in heated cups helped pry me out of the toasty bed. I want to go back again.

leggy model

Fashion Week in Paris. Imagine walking any amount of distance in those shoes, but she was bred for it.  She was French, after all.


The way the tablecloth matched her cheeks, I really liked that. Chocolate Pots de Crème.  Definitely yum.

Vacations 011

This was my attempt at whacky and, strangely, it gets a TON of hits — if you Google the words “Road Kill Cake” it gets you here. Iowa State Fair blue ribbon winner! One of our favorite surprises happened on this road trip… discovering the real, live bridges of Madison County.

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