OMG, There’s A Spa Within Walking Distance of Our Home

Buddah.jpgOur neighborhood is a wreck. Westwood and Brentwood area, Southern California. The 405 freeway widening project, now known the world over for “carmageddon,” is exhausting. Noise level, grit, gridlock and general construction chaos make it nearly impossible to feel peaceful anywhere outside of our own homes. Don’t bother walking with an iPod unless you crank it to deafening levels. So imagine my surprise: There is a sanctuary spa within a one mile walk of our home.

LegendIt’s in the {currently almost invisible} Luxe Hotel, at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Church Lane. You might recognize its next-door neighbor hotel, the tall round one often seen in movies and, of course, in plenty of carmageddon shots. Blink and you miss the Luxe. Can’t visualize where it is? Travel South on the 405, exit on Sunset, then lose your brakes and you will crash right into it. Now you know.

This post is for my neighbors in Westwood, Mountain Gate, Holby Hills, Brentwood, the Palisades, Santa Monica – anyone who finds themselves at that crossroads during a normal week. There is a tiny spa in there, called the Sanctuary.

As a gift, Larry bought me a reflexology massage. Considering traffic, walking was my best bet; from here, 20 minutes — west on Montana, crossed Sepulveda, went under the 405, turned right onto Church. At Sunset, I located the crosswalk amidst all the construction equipment. CAREFULLY crossed, dodged vehicles, got honked at, I am surprised I didn’t get yelled at, too.  Made it! A half block west on Sunset, found the driveway and walked to the top.  Going up… the noise softened.


Just past the pool, it was hushed inside, thankfully.

Reflexology is NOT the standard squish. It focuses on pressure points that correlate to different organs in the body. If you are an antsy massage patron, you may not be able to appreciate it (and there are plenty of other massage options). But if you turn to Jell-o at the sight of a massage table, as I do, it’s a lovely treat.

Let me give a shout-out to spa manager, Allen, who made me feel wanted. I seriously doubt I was “pretty” when I arrived, which can only mean he’s that nice to every patron. Massage therapist, Karl, gets thumbs-up for the level of pressure and attention that KEEPS me from thinking about being massaged. I want to NOT think.

(I have no problem with a male therapist. Seriously, if they don’t laugh at this body, or cry, or get nauseous, I’m good to go.)

This spa is not fancy. It’s teensy, three or four quiet massage rooms tops. The menu includes eleven facial choices, six massage selections, body wraps and reflexology. Then you have nails. And waxing, tints, and – REIKI!  Have you had reiki?  Another type of session that requires a certain open mind to appreciate, it’s all about your energy.

CLICK HERE for the spa menu and prices.  Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, 11461 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA  90049, 310-691-7550

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1 kathy patalsky June 2, 2014 at 8:58 pm

Haha I love this travel post. Actually ALL your travel posts are incredible. I only have about 4 great ones on my “travel” section of my blog but you are an INSPIRATION!! Spa reviews are the best… 🙂 I did one for Golden Door Spa and that was a huge highlight! And as someone who used to live in Westwood, the walking distance spa is a must! Thank again Patti, you rock!!!

2 Jayne From Massage Table Center August 11, 2011 at 12:40 am

Having a small spa nearby sounds like absolute luxury – how exciting. Don’t worry about the size – it means you will get personalised service. Enjoy your nearby spa and have fun relaxing!

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