Carmageddon Report ~ When You Live In “The Zone”

Carmegeddon.jpgHello from Los Angeles! I shot this from the top of the Angelino Hotel. Larry and I live just East of the 405 freeway, and south of Sunset Boulevard. It’s now officially Carmageddon; the freeway is closed for 53 hours in order to knock down half of the Mulholland Bridge, and clean up in time for Monday commutes.  A full Carmageddon weekend is planned…

Friday, walked into Westwood Village for dinner and screening of the iconic movie, Car Wash, at the Billy Wilder Theater in the Hammer Museum. Loved that movie in 1976, and it’s held up fine. Afterwards, a Q&A with director, Michael Schultz, actors Franklyn Ajaye (TC) and Lauren Jones (the hooker), and producer Gary Stromberg. You certainly know the song.

Saturday AM, walk to the Sunset Bridge. I could load up three dozen photos of empty streets, boring for you.

Our sense of entitlement was in full swing… climbed around on construction, walked down an on-ramp toward the freeway (A) , waved at a TV helicopter which may have actually been a police helicopter because someone ratted us out, a motorcycle CHiP roared up FROM the freeway (opposite direction of normal traffic) and gave us a good Dressing Down. So, walked quickly up the ramp, then got kicked off the construction zone (B) , decided to go to the Angelino for a civilized cup of coffee and shoot more pictures.

Walked home, got in the car, drove North on Sepulveda to the Mulholland bridge, LINED with media trucks. Made a U turn, got onto the empty freeway heading south (yes, legally), (C) drove to Venice Boulevard. Maybe 10 cars passed us, we were driving pretty slow for photos.

Tonight, we’ll take Sunset to the Greek Theater for a picnic in the park and Monkees concert. Hmmm, an oldies weekend, isn’t it? Hopefully a non-issue driving home.

Sunday, neighbors coming over for our Carmageddon Potluck dinner.  Everyone invited said yes. We’ll sit outside and listen…  Ordinarily, you can hear freeway noise from our house. Some days, louder than others if the wind is blowing our direction. Rainy days are the loudest, wet asphalt is noisy. Right now, we hear helicopters. Sunday, probably more helicopters.

And that is my Carmageddon report.  Over and out.

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