Publish Your Own Magazine ~ Photozini Product Review

Photozini.jpgA few months back, Larry and I hit the LA Travel Show.  It’s a kind of convention for John Q. Public to spend the day scouring hundreds of booths for places to visit and things to buy. Larry and I travel; always good to see what’s out there. If you have a dollar to spend and a hankering for the road, a thousand options are here – like Photozini.

A tiny metal case caught my eye, the size of a deck of cards with the word Photozini on it. What the heck is that??  Turns out, it’s something I think you might like. A way to make a magazine of your own photos.

There are plenty of websites to make greeting cards and memory albums. But this one is a magazine of your shots, more than 100 of them. All photos, in collages they build for you.

I had returned from a trip to Paris with longtime food pro friend Denise Vivaldo, and my lightbulb went off – what a cool memento for a girlfriend. After all, she won a “World’s Best Cookbook” Gourmand award on that trip, she deserved a magazine.

$45, at first blush, is a pricey treasure. You could print your own cheaper. But is it?? Wouldn’t you eat up a whole cartridge of printer ink doing the same, not to mention hours of time making collages? The Photozini was making sense.

Admittedly, I screwed up at first. Didn’t read the directions. The company kindly granted a do-over (they had given me a sample kit as a member of the media). I did it right this time, followed VERY EASY instructions, sent the little credit-card sized memory card in and left on vacation. When I returned, my mail included this beauty (and when you shoot Paris, everything is beautiful including the back cover shot of Pierre) for a friend. Shhhh, don’t tell her I have it for her – and one for me! is the website.

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