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Tilapia.jpgWhoa hooo, heeee heeee, got a laugh envisioning my mom seeing this headline and getting her ire up before reading the post. Hyuk hyuk. Take My Mother, Please is a custom tour company here in Los Angeles. If you want a highly personalized adventure, seeing exactly the LA you think you want to see, Anne Block will do it.

(photo, above – deep fried tilapia at Grand Central Market.)

Union Station SignFriends Cindy and Neville pulled this one together. Check that… Cindy pulled the WHOLE THING together; Nev drove us to the starting spot, and home again, so he gets points. Kick-off destination: LA’s stunning Union Station for our “LA Noir” tour.

Ever have an encounter where you KNOW you’ve met someone before? I kept trying to place Anne Block. Where the heck did we meet? Finally clicked, an IACP conference in Montreal. She spoke on a panel about culinary tours, one of those sessions I choose because it has nothing to do with what I do. I had no intention of becoming a culinary tour guide; still don’t. It was just interesting. Back then, she had a convertible Cadillac for her tours, which added to the hilarity of her services but also the stress of owning an unreliable vehicle. Our ride was a cozy, big SUV.

Patti, Larry and Neville are native Angelinos. Cindy, a Portlander, has lived here long enuf to know the layout. We discovered… TONS. This was one cool tour, starting at the train station listening to a reading of Philip Marlowe passages; I was enthralled. Anne had plenty to say, and lots to show, so we high-tailed it throughout the morning.

Angels FlightOur tour included __________. If you don’t know by now, I don’t lay out the itinerary. If I did, you’d do it on your own and here would be Anne waiting for the phone to ring. (323-737-2200, by the way.) Some walking, some driving, some shopping, some eating. Architecture, noir, history, tidbits, gossip, art, art nouveau, sidewalks, skylines, homes, theaters, high-rises, nonstop for hours.

tea pot  Aside from the sights and insights, I realized:

  1. How LA started to sprawl didn’t have as much to do with the entertainment industry as I assumed;
  2. We have architecture to die for here, but you need to look UP. Usually driving, I don’t see any of it;
  3. I need to read Philip Marlowe;
  4. Clifton’s Cafeteria is overwhelming. All those little dishes of food, mix-matched in style and ethnicity, my eyes glossed over and I wandered aimlessly;
  5. A tour pro isn’t necessarily a camera pro. Below, from left, nnnnnnn, ccccccc, ppppppp and llllll experiencing LA’s beloved Bradbury Building.

Bradbury Building

Contact:  Anne Block, Take My Mother, Please Tour Company, 323-737-2200, takemymom@aol.com

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