Happy Birthday Lemon Bars for my Dad

Simple-Lemon-Bars.jpgThe weekend of my dad’s 87th birthday is also the weekend of Camp Blogaway with 90 passionate foodies in the local mountains. The conflict, of course, is how to not be a jerk of a kid. WHEW, Cousin Wendy hosted Easter at her house, which gave me a visit with my pop. ACK a gift!!  The food blog, Three Many Cooks was on my computer monitor when I thought this thought, “Oh man, I need a lemon bar recipe.” Perfectly Simple Lemon Bars.  It’s a very good blog, and a very simple recipe with the right amount of pucker power.

IMG_5495Often, we host the Easter family thing, but it’s construction mode here. The house exterior is being repainted. Our family room is rubble with all the furniture displaced and plastic sheets sealing off the room. Larry’s Devil Cat sneaks in after the guys leave each night to sleep on pile of tools. Comfy.

I was not looking forward to arm-wrestling wall color choices for the family room with Larry. He knows what he likes — when he sees it. If I want to have a solid vote, I have learned to narrow down MY choices to present to HIM. Changing from off-white walls to color will be tough. But *lightbulb moment* – Larry’s fav TV show right now is Modern Family. I googled “Modern Family TV Home Paint Colors” and – seriously! – found an LA Times article about decorating the TV house, including the paint color names and manufacturer. Watched the show, paused in different rooms and shopped trendy wall colors. I hit the Benjamin Moore store in Hollywood, bought sample pints of three. We painted big swatches all around the room, settled on Mitch and Cam’s livingroom, a shade called Louisburg Green.

And so, back to the lemon bars.  No need for me to retype the recipe – I printed it directly from Perfectly Simple Lemon Bars by Three Many Cooks blog. Watch their video, too!

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