Hollywood Bowl Picnic for Speed Demons

Sunday morning, I awoke thinking about Sunday dinner. We had tickets to Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks at the Hollywood Bowl.  Larry is Mr. Ticket; if a concert is coming to LA, he’s all over it. I’m not such a die-hard concert-goer; I love to picnic, however. He loves concerts but loathes the parking. Our strategy after three+ decades of marriage has evolved…

STRATEGY #1Park & Ride.  LA is a traffic nightmare; Larry wants a quick concert departure, we aim to arrive 90+ minutes early. Our Park & Ride bus is from the Federal Building on Wilshire at Veteran, big free parking lot. Buy tickets online (“cash” people wait for empty seats); leave home at 4 PM to get on the first bus. $5 per seat round-trip.

STRATEGY #2 – not green, but for two of us at the Bowl, disposables (vs. picnic basket/tablecloth/candles procedure with friends). Everything pre-cut in bite sizes, baggied. Larry will carry a picnic One-Way, and hit the recycle bin and trash barrel before the music starts. The instant the show ends, we BOLT to the first bus. Anything weighing ME down, like a basket, I’m dead meat.

STRATEGY #3 (OTHER VENUES) Just be early. The Greek Theater can be an easy exit; arrive right before they open the stacked parking, which is four or five lanes pointing down a long hill. That gets you one of the front spaces. Relax, picnic on a nearby table, put all back in the trunk, hit the show. Exit quickly, or you hold up the line.

STRATEGY #4 – simple is still special. It’s countdown for my Camp Blogaway Bootcamp for Food & Recipe Bloggers. So, Sunday was a simple chopped salad. No deli for picnics, takes all the fun out of it. I used an Asian vinegar-based dipping sauce to marinate the chicken for an hour (unrefrigerated), then grilled and chilled.

What’s In Our Bag At The Hollywood Bowl

  • Grilled chicken thighs, chilled and diced
  • Chopped romaine lettuce
  • Large avocado
  • Tiny jar of vinaigrette
  • Baby peeled carrots
  • Larry’s Famous Brownies
  • Sturdy disposable plates (lap eating), forks, knives, cups, napkins
  • Wet paper towels in a baggie for cleanup
  • Bottle of water
  • Bottle of chilled chardonnay, uncorked – friendly security people come around at the Hollywood Bowl and put wrist bands on age-approved drinkers. Strangely, at this concert, they never asked anyone for ID. Maybe the sea of gray hair had something to do with that.
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1 Jill Silverman Hough April 19, 2011 at 10:09 am

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane of how much the Hollywood Bowl and the Greek Theater contribute to life in LA. In addition to all the great concerts at both places (and my high school graduation at the Greek!), I’ve also been a big fan of classical music in the summer at the Bowl – buying super-cheap seats and having a picnic right there, since there’s no one around, with the music as background and the hills for a view.

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