Pierre & Paulette, A Parisian Love Story

Paulette & Pierre wedding photoThe story of Pierre and Paulette may need a little explaining, unless you are a Facebook friend of mine or Denise Vivaldo’s. We recently traveled to Paris, many thanks to Denise (links below tell you more). Denise sometimes travels with little plush toys from the Idaho Potato Commission called Spuddy Buddy. She photographs “Tater and Tot” enjoying sites, and posts to Facebook.  But… they did not go to Paris, someone else did…

Pierre collagePierre, hunky cousin of Tater and Tot was in my suitcase (plus three spare Spuddies to distract bawling kids on flights). Prior to departure, I got a little goofy and created a French Spuddy to surprise Denise – beret, mustache, knit scarf. I used a sharpie to blacken his tennis shoes (too American) and turned his logo’d shirt inside-out (French don’t wear logos like we do). Pierre ended up in Denise’s handbag most of the trip and Facebook showcased his adventures.

PauletteSo, where did the lovely Paulette come from? The day we spent at Le Marche au Puces (flea market), I scored sweet vintage linen hankies along with a tiny antique lapel pin. We shopped ‘til we dropped, and Metro’d home cold, exhausted, giddy. Even had a Kate Winslet sighting at the mart – she was in Paris for Fashion Week as a Lancôme rep.

Back in our dreamy Hotel de Crillon, we cracked open a bottle of wine. Which launched creativity. The hankie with “Paulette” embroidered in the hem started it all (hey, it was FASHION WEEK IN PARIS, remember?).  Denise uploaded Facebook announcements of nuptials. By morning she had many warm wishes for the happy couple and I had a bellyache from laughs.  And now that the wine has worn off, still hilarious to me!!

Why were we in Paris?  Attended the Gourmand Awards, where Denise won “Best in the World” in her category for The Food Stylist’s Handbook (Pierre is seen in the photo collage above with her award).  And at the Paris Cookbook Fair, Denise was a featured presenter.

Moral of the story… go to Paris with a girlfriend! MUCH different experience than with a husband. Would Larry have spent practically a full day looking at vintage trinkets and antique furs and used jewelry, buying hankies and then making dolls? Seriously, no way.


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1 louise mellor March 14, 2011 at 11:54 am

too cute patti… yes, this is why on mother’s day i leave town with my best girlfriend… so glad you two had so much fun!

2 Kath March 14, 2011 at 11:45 am

Pierre and Paulette are just too cute!

Now you need to dress them for St. Patrick’s Day!! 🙂

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