Grilled Mushroom and Ham Crostini

Grilled Mushroom and Ham Crostini AppetizersIf I may give some life advice… whenever you find yourself in need of a mood lift, throw a potluck dinner party. People like to contribute, they really do. Invite an interesting mix of friends, hand out food assignments (appetizer, side dish, salad, vegetable, dessert) – the host does the entrée. Wine tends to arrive with the good eats.

We were recently invited to Tim and Margot’s for a party of Larry’s high school chums. Larry attended an all-boy’s Catholic prep school, Loyola High; “the guys” would clearly be the focus of the evening. Margot, being a Fine Southern Woman, along with Tim, being a Fine All Around Guy, cooked EVERYTHING. We waddled outta there.

But, back to me. Our food assignment was appetizer.  I know guys like mushrooms. They also like an appetizer you can pick up with your hand and put the whole thing in your mouth.  So I drew a blueprint of “our” dish for Larry’s approval.  Sometimes, these food assignments turn into a committee meeting between the two of us; I really wanted to make my own thing. So for this, Larry’s assignment was to OK the plan.

The recipe was so good, the Mushroom Channel recipe website has published it for me, so go here to get it.

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