A Valentine’s Meal You Can Do, Sherie

BestRoastChickenRecipe.jpgSherie and I were great pals in high school. She’s since raised three boys into independent grown men. Has been married forever. So I was surprised when she recently told me she “cannot cook.” Or doesn’t cook. Or is afraid to cook, the conversation was spotty since we were with a group of 15 fellow RHHS gal pals. But I didn’t forget it.

Sherie… I’ve got your back. Your job is to make Valentine’s Dinner for Brad. Yes, you can do it. I will help you. Here is the menu. Dinner is 7 PM Sunday, February 14.

Sherie’s Valentine’s Day Menu

  • Best Roasted Chicken Ever (men love women who will roast them a chicken. But I know Brad already loves you)
  • Baked Potato (no link here, see Step 4)
  • Farmers Market Salad (this recipe serves 140 – true – or 4. So cut the smaller recipe in half tor you two. You cannot screw up salad)
  • Pots de Creme (sounds hard, but this recipe is incredibly easy. Make the whole recipe because you will love it and will want more the next few days)
  1. Click on each recipe link in the list, above, and print out the recipe. Print out this post, too, it is your blueprint.
  2. Write down all the ingredients and go buy them (add 2 russet potatoes, sour cream and butter to the list. And wine.)
  3. Make the chocolate dessert the day before.
  4. START your chicken work at 5 PM, get it into the oven at 5:30 PM, cooks until around 6:45. Then it sits for 15 minutes. Also wash, poke the potatoes a couple of times with a fork, put into the oven at the same time as the chicken.
  5. While chicken is roasting, make your salad.
  6. Set the table. Wine. Candles. Music. Butter, sour cream for potatoes.
  7. Ask Brad to help you serve. He will do it.

Happy Valentine’s Day Sherie & Brad.  And Larry.

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1 Lili February 17, 2010 at 9:54 am

Hey Patti!
How great is that– you teaching my daughter something she was not ready to learn from her mother!!! Thanks so much for getting her excited about fine food production! It might get to be a new hobby for her.

When I was in charge of cooking the yearly Thanksgivig Dinner I found out that I liked cooking. I loved preparing and stuffing the turkey- invented my own dressing and a new dessert every year.
I continue to like to cook– mostly without recipes(or just for a guide).

My latest challenge is a German egg dish called Kaiserschwarm!
Even failures in my kitchen are not wasted!

Now that Sherie turned me on to your website, I think I’m going to explore more adventures in cooking.

P.S In the winter I love to make chicken/veggie soup- from left overs in the fridge!

2 Sherie Dechter January 25, 2010 at 10:58 am

No way! Patti you are the best! I will try my hardest to live up to your faith in me. I have been trying to cook while Brad has been out of town, so that if it is horrible, only I taste it. I have had a few failures, but at least I’m out there trying.

Love you tons!


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