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Patti-and-Lord-WedgwoodYou’ll never meet a nicer Lord. Seriously, Lord Wedgwood of Barlaston is cool. He’s a former client. Quick bio: direct descendent of Josiah Wedgwood, the 18th century “father of pottery,” served in the House of Lords for more than 20 years – until 1999 – as the fourth Lord Wedgwood of Barlaston. He travels to every corner of the globe for Wedgwood meet-and-greet signings at such stores as Geary’s, which is where I caught up with him.

{UPDATE: a sad note to say that Lord Wedgwood passed away on January 29, 2014 of cardiac failure.  I was born exactly two weeks before him. He taught me how to properly say the word “Jaguar” when I purchased mine. A darling man.}

Does he look like a proper English gentleman to you? Well, he is, but also a regular guy. My little PR firm did publicity in the 90s for these personal appearances. How I came to land this lovely account was through my Kahlua client, Carey. After Kahlua, she went to work for Waterford Wedgwood. And when your client likes your agency, they often bring you along with them.

Carey loves to laugh. Thus, working with Lord Wedgwood was often a laugh-athon, too. He seemed OK with our goofy ways, like calling him “Our Lord.” Or Lordy, Lordy, Lordy. I doubt we were the first.


Wedgwood China Tablesetting

Pretty pretty pretty tablesetting of Wedgwood china.

Want to know about Wedgwood Bone China? Here are insights:

  • Dishwasher… Yes. Even the china with metal. But use LIQUID detergent, and it must be recommended for dishwashers.
  • Microwave… Yes. IF your china has no metal. I know, doesn’t feel right but it’s OK.
  • Bone china was originally made with real bone. Bone ash produces the pure whiteness of the piece and adds strength. In the late 80s, they switched to synthetic bone ash. Vegans rejoice!
  • The translucency is also due to the bone.  See the fingers through it? Makes you think this stuff is oh-so-delicate but quite the opposite is true.
  • Wedgwood is the strongest ceramic dinnerware made. National Account Manager, Jerry Drews reminded me of that. You know, I’ve never seen it break.
  • Wedgwood is a traditional style of china designs. Some patterns are 25+ years old, like Nantucket Basket. Wild Strawberry was introduced in the 30s or 40s.
  • If you decide to visit Lord Wedgwood at one of his signings, let me gently clue you in… DON’T bring an old piece from your collection. He’s very sweet but that’s not why he is there. Marketing, folks. Buy something new and get his signature to increase its value. You will become his friend, too.
Bone China is Translucent

Wedgwood bone china is translucent.

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1 zoesmom July 2, 2010 at 3:00 pm

I treasure my Wedgwood china set, and now even more with this insight. How cool to work with Lord Wedgwood!

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