Orange Ribbon Cheesecake

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Larry gets full credit for this beauty.  I’ve been out of town for several days conducting our fun women’s weekend, Camp GetAway.  One activity at our event is the traditional Magazine Swap (bring ‘em, take ‘em), which results in a gigantic pile of happiness at camp.

Sunday AM, before my 75 gals awoke, I was enjoying a cup o’ joe in front of a roaring lodge fireplace, thumbing thru the November 2007 Sunset Magazine when I came upon this familiar article and recipe for Orange Ribbon Cheesecake.

Talk about a happy discovery.  It reminded me… I had photographed Larry’s work of art producing this delicious dessert, above, last year.  WHEW, I had a recipe blog post that was really worth sharing because this was both impressive and scrumptious.  Sorry, ladies, the guy is mine.  But click on the link and it will take you to this lovely dessert.  Happy October!

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