Food Photography Tips & Tricks IV – 10 Easiest Foods to Shoot

Food FanaticsMy recent visit with stylist Denise Vivaldi of Food Fanatics at her food shoot was eye-opening, but I felt the need to leave with some hope for my own artistic capabilities.  So, I picked the team’s brains as to what they consider “easy” foods to shoot.

According to Denise and team members Cindy Flannigan, Jen Park and Jeff Parker, here is their short list.  You can certainly visualize the beauty of these simple foods.

For all the rest of the foods out there we bloggers plan to cook and shoot, it takes practice and homework.  Thankfully, Denise and Cindy are in the final stages of their upcoming book with the working title “Food Styling Handbook.”  They promise it will be THE most comprehensive how-to book out there.  If you follow Denise and Cindy on Twitter, you’ll learn its publication date.

10 Easiest Foods to Photograph

  1. Fresh figs
  2. Golden brown whole pears
  3. Raw artichokes
  4. Shrimp and lobster – “shellfish is naturally pretty to the camera,” says Denise
  5. Cupcakes
  6. Cinnamon rolls
  7. Cheeses
  8. Plain roasted chicken
  9. Raw fish
  10. “Anything you don’t have to cook.”  A Chihuahua for example (i.e. Peanut in the photo).

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Don’t let Peanut on the workspace counter bother you.  NONE of the food at such a shoot is for actual consumption, it’s been out for hours, handled like model’s clay and pretty much toxic by day’s end.  It is carefully disposed.

Part of the series… 10 Hardest Foods to Photograph, 10 Tips and Tricks for Food Photography and 10 Clever Tools for Food Bloggers.

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