Food Photography Tips & Tricks II – 10 Clever Tools for Bloggers

ToolsHi, are you a food blogger, too? We know the drill: in our studios, there are no food stylists, prop stylists, lighting assistants or photographers. Heck, I have no studio. The stylist is ME, the photographer is ME. And unlike the food for commercial photography, the food blogger’s shoot is destined for… dinner!

Recently, I visited a gigantic commercial production set where my friend, Denise Vivaldo of Food Fanatics (speaker at upcoming blogging conference Camp Blogaway) was running the culinary food styling team on an exciting infomercial.  Big job.  HUGE job.  Tons of food being prepped for the shoot.

My personal goal for the visit?  Pick some talented brain for tips and tricks that we food bloggers can use for our own shoots.   On site were Cindy Flannigan, Jen Park, and Jeff Parker.  Here is what they graciously shared with me – for you!

10 Clever Tools for Food Bloggers

  1. Kitchen Bouquet to ever-so-slightly paint a little darkening if needed on things like meats and pastry
  2. Small bamboo skewers to hold things together
  3. Olive oil in travel spray bottle to fix dryness on foods like pasta
  4. Sharp 10-inch knife and small ceramic knife for preciseness – ever see a strand of spaghetti that needs snipping?
  5. Paper towels are better than Q tips for cleaning, de-smudging, teensy drips
  6. Vodka in travel spray bottle as a grease cleaner and anti-browning for produce (better than lemon juice)
  7. Handheld chef torch to hit a few spots with brownness.  The kind that uses cigarette lighter fluid is fine.
  8. Long-snout tweezers from dental supply store
  9. Wooden clothespins and popsicle sticks to pinch, pull, prop
  10. Baby nasal bulb syringe – more precise than a turkey baster

Guess what, you can take a class from Food Fanatics to learn hands-on how to make your foods photograph well.  Go to their website for links to classes.  Their next one is early 2010 but they have lots of videos posted to help you between now and then.

In this series… 10 Hardest Foods to Photograph, 10 Easiest Foods to Photograph and 10 Tips and Tricks for Food Bloggers.

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1 Lia Huber July 24, 2009 at 3:23 pm

And I just happen to have a baby nasal syringe right in my kitchen ‘junk’ drawer! Perfect. Thanks for these tips–the whole series–good stuff.

2 elise July 9, 2009 at 1:24 pm

baby nasal bulb syringe is the best one by far! haha

3 s. stockwell July 9, 2009 at 9:01 am

This is great. Thanks. ps…is the vodka just for the degreasing? or possibly a little tiny for courage during the shoot? love it…best, s

Patti comments… I surveyed the team that day about the vodka spritz bottle and the concensus was — use wherever you NEED it.

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