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Salton-Yogurt-MakerSome kitchen gadgets are questionable whether one could live without them.   I could probably live without a little yogurt maker.  Throughout history, few cultures had them, yet yogurt is one of the oldest foods we have.

The need to make my own yogurt isn’t terribly strong; I’ve turned the process into a weekend puttering ritual.  It also doesn’t save any money considering a quart of some flavored yogurt is usually at a sale price each week.

But it works.  The yogurt is excellent.  And an E-bay bargain price pushed me over the edge ($14 including shipping).  Takes very little space, and our weekly portion of Fresh Homemade Yogurt is tasty, healthy food.   You heat up a quart of milk, add dry nonfat milk powder, let it cool down, swirl in some yogurt starter and then put it in the machine for six-plus hours.   After that, stir and refrigerate.

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