Hot Beef Sundae at the Iowa State Fair

hot beef sundae iowa state fairLarry and I were in our “collecting states” travel mode and he needed Iowa.  So, we attended the Iowa State Fair and acquired something more than another pin in our map.  We got a dose of delightful.   And it was quite the food adventure.

Movies like the Bridges of Madison County are my favorite – great chick flick, all sexy and romantic and simple, and then we came to Iowa and discovered those bridges do exist.  And we also discovered the awesome HOT BEEF SUNDAE.

A presentation in the state fair food pavilion, the little sign said it was funded by the Iowa Beef Producers.  It did not win a blue ribbon, and that’s a shame because it certainly promotes beef in a way most people like it – with potatoes and gravy.  Here is the description from the showcase, which featured packaged foods, yet easy to replicate with fresh-cooked ingredients, I think.

For an Easy Beef Meal, Make a “Beef” Sundae

What Exactly is a Hot Beef Sundae?  A bowl filled with two scoops of hand-mashed Russet potatoes, surrounded by slow-roasted fork tender beef tips, topped with savory beef gravy, a sprinkling of cheddar cheese and finished with a sweet red cherry tomato topping.

In the same pavilion, we also discovered a work of art: this Blue Ribbon beauty entitled “Road Kill” was entered in the Ugly Cake Contest, open to teens and younger.   The individual who entered this has a creative future somewhere.

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1 lisa June 10, 2009 at 2:06 pm

OMG! That cake is DISGUSTING! This kid should work for Ace of Cakes on Food Network. I’ll stick with bunnies and chickies, thank you very much…

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