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It’s Covid 19 time as I write this, a second wave is rolling across California. We’d been so good, staying home, no restaurants, wearing masks, washing hands, cooking, cleaning, emptying the dishwasher… but DANG, we needed to go SOMEWHERE. God bless the Trailer Pond vintage rentals in the beautiful hillsides of Alta Colina Winery in Paso Robles, California. [click to continue…]


Patti and Larry looking like they do this all the time. They don’t.

We heard about this well-kept secret two years ago, during the off season. Between Memorial Day and the end of September, you can kayak the LA River… cowabunga, we got the last booking of the season! [click to continue…]


My first was a purchase, then I got totally hooked.

I have a love for Fiddle Leaf Fig trees, the current “it” plant of interior decorators — you see them in model homes, magazines, Pinterest pix, and home sales photos. Yes, you can grow one yourself. [click to continue…]


Which way to Fun in the Kentucky Sun?

TALLY HO!  If Kentucky isn’t on your radar for a getaway, Angelenos… it’s simpler now. American Airlines just launched direct flights – LAX <-> SDF – to open up a lotta fun in as short or long a trip as imaginable. Two years ago, Larry and I hit a few spots in Kentucky on a road trip, and regretted only having a couple of days there. [click to continue…]

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Patti at the 2019 Super Bloom!

Go ahead, ask. After weeks of poorly behaved flower lovers overrunning the super bloom poppy fields of Southern California, how did I get this photo with no one around? I drove to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. And didn’t even arrive by helicopter, like the skofflaws who landed there illegally that very afternoon.

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Women travelers fall into a few categories (adventure, leisure, business, I Wanna Look Rich…). Most of us want to be perceived a certain way when we step up to our destination. This Joy Rich Leather Weekender with Wheels DELIVERS what I want – the I Wanna Look Rich category.  [click to continue…]


Visit Hofsas House Hotel in Carmel by the Sea and Take Your Mind Off Global Warming

It’s been hot, baby. One town on our road trip from LA clocked 113 degrees. What was the temp when friend, Sue and I rolled into Carmel by the Sea and the Hofsas House Hotel on a recent July afternoon? A remarkable 68 degrees.

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Wanna Whale Watch? Be Dramamine-Wise and You Ought to Be Fine

This is a POSITIVE review of whale watching with Discovery, in Monterey, CA… but you might not get that at first glance because I’m going to warn you… You NEED Dramamine.

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Build a Better Guest Room ~ 10 Things Yours Probably Doesn’t Have and Should, Plus 5 Bigger Ideas

Here’s an eye-opener – sleep in your own guest room. About a year ago Larry caught that terrible cough – he needed sleep AND to cough without waking me, so I slept three nights in the guest room. He felt better, and I felt… bummed. It was not great. The room was not a haven. […]

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One-Tank Trips from Los Angeles ~ Staycations: Whacky to Whoa Cool

Kids or no kids, couples or solos, siblings or pals… every Angelino could use fresh ideas for short trips. Don’t overlook staycations! Pile on a bunch of these experiences in the coming warm weather months.

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Dominos in Cuba, The Game, Not The Pizza ~ Rules & Strategies

Don’t worry, American fast food pizza has not yet arrived in Cuba. But “Dominos” is well known throughout the island. Dominos, the tile game, is a ritual, probably nightly for many passionate players.

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Postcards from Cuba–We Visited a Second Time. Why? I Love The People.

Cuba, I love the people. Busy with things that matter. Music, haircut, pottery, breadbaking, fishing, dance, painting, sewing, a rancher with a chicken on his head, ration butchers, cemetery manager, music teacher, taxi.

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Authentic Pisco Sour ~ Nat Geo Amazon River Cruise Cocktail of Choice

It’s the beloved foam-topped tart/sweet cocktail of South America. Pisco Sour – the featured drink on our Upper Amazon Rainforest Cruise on National Geographic Adventures.

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