Breaking Bad Tour – An Albuquerque Phenom

Breaking Bad Tour The Candy Lady

Larry followed the TV show Breaking Bad from start to finish.  I gave up after season 3.  It creeped me out.  But now, having taken the Breaking Bad Experience in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I’ll get through the last two seasons on DVD with a lot more interest.  Hey, I’ve seen the CAR WASH now!!  The […]

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Get Thyself to Umbria ~ Plan A Little, Not A Lot


Umbria is Italy’s heartland region.  Best to start with the book – Sustenance, by Elizabeth Wholey.  This little tome is the most useful tool you’ll find to wrap your head around this area of Italy’s farmers and food producers. Foodie Alert! Umbria is “the new Tuscany.”

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The Bat Cave. Ride a Bike There. See Hollywood. It’s Pretty Darn Fun!


Larry and I are not athletes. We own bikes, and ride distances that safely allow us to get home without physical trauma. But we’ll give adventure a shot, especially when it’s a good value. That turned out to include renting bikes in Hollywood to tour from Grauman’s Chinese to the Hollywood Sign. This was our […]

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Attending the Idaho Potato Harvest to Learn About a Simple, Fascinating, Delicious Food


It was the Idaho Potato Commission’s 2012 harvest tour – eleven food bloggers, including me, were shipped off to Idaho to get the scoop on spuds for our readers. Think potatoes are a simple veggie?  It took close to four days to deep-dive into the topic enough to really, truly grasp “why” Idaho, “why” fresh […]

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Traveling With A Group ~ Pack Your Teamwork


We’ve taken maybe 9 or 10 group tours now – a few to Asia, some to Europe, a fourth coming up to Africa, Cuba over the holidays and just this month, Machu Picchu and the Galapagos. It’s curious how many friends tell me they “aren’t ready” to travel with a group (smacks of AARP-ish-ness to […]

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Our Tour of Wilton and My Autumn Leaves Pie Crust


This pie crust is brought to you by Nancy Siler and Gretchen Homan, who are helping me perfect my autumn leaves. They’re the go-to home economists for baking pretty things – they work at Wilton.

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Take My Mother, Please!


Whoa hooo, heeee heeee, got a laugh envisioning my mom seeing this headline and getting her ire up before reading the post. Hyuk hyuk. Take My Mother, Please is a custom tour company here in Los Angeles. If you want a highly personalized adventure, seeing exactly the LA you think you want to see, Anne […]

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Itinerary Ideas For A Foodie’s Trip to Paris

Thumbnail image for Itinerary Ideas For A Foodie’s Trip to Paris


Going to Paris? Have a great passion for Good-Things-Foodie? While some people come to Paris with a list of restaurants to hit, I tend to bring lists of places and things to see. I’m a window shopper, a person who likes to see food-related things in different ways. Oh sure, I also like to eat. […]

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Road Trip! Segway Riding Around Long Beach


You know, Larry has some awesome ideas sometimes. So when he suggested to me, plus friends Cathi and Barry to buzz around Long Beach (CA) on Segway two-wheeled electric vehicles, YEAH. Was it really, REALLY fun? “Better than I actually expected,” was Larry’s review and he was right.

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Food Tasting Walking Tour of Old Pasadena


Larry and I LOVE touristy things, even in our own backyard. We’re both native Angelinos; been to Pasadena plenty of times. But never on foot for a tasting, history and architecture tour. When friend Chef Diane Scalia and her sister, Lisa, launched Melting Pot Food Tours, Larry and I were totally on board.

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10 Reasons to Take a Farmer’s Market Chef Tour


Westwood Village, California is home to movie premieres and UCLA Bruins.  Plus one tiny Farmer’s Market.  Just 23 stalls, it is reworking itself back up after losing its venue during a drawn out construction job here.  Larry and I walk to the market on Wednesdays, and walk the second half-mile back home with such things […]

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