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Road Trip! Finally Visited the Bacara Resort and Spa ~ Ba-CAR-ah, not BOCK-a-Raw


The gal in the hot tub said that going to Bacara Resort and Spa was a local treat for Santa Barbarans. It was her birthday, a spa day with her girlfriend. If it were in my ‘hood, that would make sense to me! Goleta from Playa Vista is just about 100 miles.

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How to Not Be a Jerk On Valentine’s Day


You forgot.  Or worse… forgot to CARE.  Either way, that significant other is probably expecting something on Valentine’s Day.  Pull out the keyboard – you’re going to make a “gift certificate.”

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Dining Changes Afoot at La Jolla’s Special Place ~ La Valencia Hotel

Dorothy and the Filet Mignon

I’m really mad at Chef Daniel Barron. He runs the kitchens at the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, California. I’m mad because he won’t share.

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La Valencia Hotel: Beds, Baths and Way Beyond Awesome

La Valencia Hotel Two Nights Girlfriend Getaway

This Girlfriend Getaway road trip was southbound from our Westside digs to the tony San Diego enclave of La Jolla. In a nutshell, these mini-vacations are three “women of a certain age,” hell bent on a little “me time” away from family, with an extra dose of GIRLY. Destination: the breathtaking La Valencia Hotel.

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Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. As In, Aaaaaah

lavender collage ojai valley inn and spa

Faithful readers of this blog might be gobsmacked to learn of our stay at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa.  I am renowned for frugality. And this is a 5- star destination with a decidedly pricey reputation. How our four-day visit came about was kismet; it allowed me the chance to tell YOU, dear readers, […]

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Santa Monica to Carmel ~ Foodie Road Trip!


Nine hours – home to destination. Drive, stop, eat, shop, sightsee, gas up again, go!  Print this post out. Tuck it in your “California road trip” file.  Good eats on the horizon.

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Why Girlfriend Getaways Are A Necessity


This is the first installment of a series inspired by a recent Girlfriend Getaway to Carmel-by-the-Sea with fellow food and travel bloggers, Dorothy of Shockingly Delicious and Erika of In Erika’s Kitchen.

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Jim Morrison’s Last U.S. Home ~ Stay There!


Larry loves experiences, large and small. So when this hit his radar, he was all over it – you can rent Jim Morrison’s West Hollywood apartment. Where Jim and Pamela lived and fought and slept around. Their last U.S. abode before Paris…

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Have You Heard of Rancho La Puerta?


My New Yorker friend, Miriam, was the one who told me that Rancho La Puerta is the “gold standard” of spas. She’d spent a week there a few years ago. I was surprised that an adventure traveler such as her would pick a “spa” as a vacation destination, let alone one at the opposite corner […]

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Historic Route 66 Trip ~ Days 7, 8, 9… OK, 10 & 11, too


It was Day 7 on our Historic Route 66 drive when we started to really hightail it. With a budget of 12 days, we were NOwhere near a half-way mark in terms of mileage. YIKES.

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Historic Route 66 Road Trip — Days 4, 5 & 6

World's Biggest Ketchup Bottle

October, 2011 Larry and I flew to Chicago, rented a car and drove Route 66 back to Santa Monica.  The adventure continued, and now that we knew we were taking way too much time each day pulling over to photograph every “66” we saw, we agreed to hightail it and use the interstate, when necessary. […]

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Road Trip ~ Take A Long Weekend in Temecula


Travel posts are harder to write than you might think. They can easily come off with the air of a braggy Christmas letter cuz of the FUN. But my intention is to deliver useful info to you… here’s today’s recommend. If you like the idea of an affordable yet busy So. Cal. getaway, a Long […]

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Road Trip! U-Pick Strawberries in Carlsbad


Our home in Westwood is at the north-west end of LA.  Cousins Nancy and John graciously hosted a family potluck at their home in Del Mar (North San Diego). That’s about a 2+hour drive IF no traffic. But since there ALWAYS IS traffic, we brought a big ice chest to keep our dishes cold. The […]

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