Fresh Cherry Hand Pies ~ We Even Picked The Cherries


Of course, once you pick 12 pounds of fresh cherries, you bake with them. No more story telling (all that is here on another post), time to make Fresh Cherry Hand Pies.

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Try Making Pie Crust With Butter Instead of Shortening

Pie Shell Made From Butter

Have you ever made an all-butter pie shell?  In my teens, I was enamored with making pies.  My dad was quite skinny, an easy target for my efforts.   Since you couldn’t buy pre-made pie shells in the store back then, the first part of making a pie was obviously making the crust.  Without a food […]

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Lime Pie & Our First Dinner Party in the New Abode

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  Confession… we needed help hanging the oversized dining room mirror, having made a mess of our first attempt. Lots of bent hooks and wires. Not good. Need brawn. Solution: dinner party! Roped niece Danielle, boyfriend Bryan and sis-in-law Lynne. Five adults… we ought to get it done. Reward: tacos and Lime Pie.

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Kahlua Sweet Potato Pie with Kahlua Whipped Cream ~ Food Bloggers Gather to Cook and Share for Thanksgiving


The recipe to make this autumn leaf-laced Kahlua Sweet Potato Pie with Kahlua Whipped Cream is at the bottom of this post. Seven bloggers arrived at our home for an early Thanksgiving Feast in the spirit of blogging recipes for our readers’ holiday cooking. As Project Manager, or more realistically “Micro Manager,” I instructed each […]

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Our Tour of Wilton and My Autumn Leaves Pie Crust


This pie crust is brought to you by Nancy Siler and Gretchen Homan, who are helping me perfect my autumn leaves. They’re the go-to home economists for baking pretty things – they work at Wilton.

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Comfort Food ~ Chile Cheese Pie


Today, I could write flowery “there’s a touch of autumn in the air” prose.  Noooo, this is about cheese. And sour cream. Things suited to be baked up with rice, chilies and hot sauce for a Chile Cheese Pie. 

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The Original Classic Kahlua Pecan Pie


Heavenly Kahlua Pecan Pie and I go way back. Kahlua was my favorite PR client.  Life Was Sweet. The majority of my Kahlua work was convincing consumers to make something yummy. Our goal was to remind people how MMMMM and OOOOH Kahlua tasted in practically anything – booze, coffee, milk, ice cream, cakes, barbecue sauce, ham […]

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Strawberry Sour Cream Pie

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Strawberry Sour Cream Pie.  This pie was scrumdiddlyumptious. So much, in fact, that after Larry and I had our slices, I pawned the rest off on two neighbors’ households. It was TOO good and my fear was we’d eat it all. Larry wasn’t thrilled with this, scored one more slice, tucked it into the fridge […]

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Australian Impossible Pie


The internet is a magic carpet ride for me when I go recipe surfing. And I’m drawn to Australian food blogs, like Gourmet Jack. His slogan: Foodie Nirvana, Australian Style. There he presented Impossible Pie — is it really impossible? Coconut, crustless, custardy… crikey – sounds great!

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Pumpkin Pie Rice Pudding


Making fresh pumpkin puree the other day yielded 9 cups of potential. Larry and I like pumpkin pie, but we also like rice pudding, so I googled around for recipes and ended up combining a few to produce this one. I suppose I could have tried to crockpot it. But even with constant stirring, this […]

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Blueberry Stuffed Apples in Pastry


Naming this recipe was tricky; besides being stuffed with fresh blueberries and baked in flaky pastry, the apples are sweetened with Red Hot candies and pure maple syrup.  TMI for a recipe name, but Larry thought the Red Hots were a pretty good idea.  I like using up the second pie crust in the box, […]

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Fresh Basil Quiche with Tomatoes and Mushrooms


It worked, he ate it.  TWO portions.  I know that Larry is a Real Man, and now I know he will Eat Quiche.  Maybe it was the All Butter Pie Shell that put it over the top because nuttin’ tastes bedda dan budduh. We humans really are easily swayed.  The stigma quiche picked up via […]

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All Butter Pie Shell


When I was a teen, I baked pies for fun.  My dad was very skinny and there wasn’t much of a dietary focus in the household.  Since you couldn’t buy pre-made pie shells in the store yet, the first part of making a pie was obviously making the crust.  Without a food processor.  And with […]

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