Road Trip! Fresh Cherry Picking in Leona Valley, California is Closer To LA Than You Think


Here is a city-slicker adventure in Southern California: drive to a mouthwatering cherry farm in Leona Valley, called Villa del Sol, and pick cherries! This has been on my bucket list (cuz you use a bucket!).Time to set the alarm clock, slather on sunscreen and pick us some fresh cherries.

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The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano Proves that Bees Hang Out in the OC


We devoured these beauties… farm fresh cucumbers, sliced ribbon-thin and tossed as a crispy salad, savored while dining under peach and apple trees, serenaded by giddy bees. This was a Chef’s Lunch in the garden at The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano.

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Day in the Life of a Background Actor, Me!


My new hobby takes little to no talent beyond being able to listen closely and walk without falling. It’s open to all ages, ethnicities, shapes, sizes. I background act – does this street look familiar? I’m parked in Gaby’s Wisteria Lane driveway (“Desperate Housewives” now off the air) for a Halloween episode of an unrelated […]

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Hollywood Bowl Picnic for Speed Demons


Sunday morning, I awoke thinking about Sunday dinner. We had tickets to Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks at the Hollywood Bowl.  Larry is Mr. Ticket; if a concert is coming to LA, he’s all over it. I’m not such a die-hard concert-goer; I love to picnic, however. He loves concerts but loathes the parking. Our […]

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Road Trip ~ Take A Long Weekend in Temecula


Travel posts are harder to write than you might think. They can easily come off with the air of a braggy Christmas letter cuz of the FUN. But my intention is to deliver useful info to you… here’s today’s recommend. If you like the idea of an affordable yet busy So. Cal. getaway, a Long […]

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Universal Studio’s Haven for Foodies


First the good news: fine dining exists inside the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. Now the Patti & Larry backstory: From the very beginning of our relationship, Universal has been part of our lives. Larry was an A-Top member of the Universal {outdoor} Amphitheater when we met; he had early access to tickets.  We moved […]

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Wine Cork Trivets ~ A Larry Craft


Larry will be quick to inform you that the collection of wine corks in the tall glass cylinder in our family room is not ALL CORKS (final photo below). There are bricks inside to keep it from toppling. Nevertheless, there were PLENTY of corks available for his craft project, sparked by a sighting at a […]

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Road Trip: Picnic and a Movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery


Confession: I don’t always share my fav things on this blog. Publicity can easily wreck a great experience. Case in point: the LA Times decided the week before this adventure to run a feature on something Larry and I’ve been trying to hit for three years: Cinespia movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Santa […]

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Road Trip! Segway Riding Around Long Beach


You know, Larry has some awesome ideas sometimes. So when he suggested to me, plus friends Cathi and Barry to buzz around Long Beach (CA) on Segway two-wheeled electric vehicles, YEAH. Was it really, REALLY fun? “Better than I actually expected,” was Larry’s review and he was right.

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An Insider’s Peek at County Fair Recipe Contests


Meet Chef George Geary, the Eveready bunny o’ food. He and I have known each other for ages, and I’ve seen him in action as (1) a corporate spokesperson, (2) prolific cookbook writer, (3) pastry chef, (4) culinary tour director (he takes travelers to Paris to walk Julia Child’s French life), (5) culinary competition judge, […]

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10 Reasons to Take a Farmer’s Market Chef Tour


Westwood Village, California is home to movie premieres and UCLA Bruins.  Plus one tiny Farmer’s Market.  Just 23 stalls, it is reworking itself back up after losing its venue during a drawn out construction job here.  Larry and I walk to the market on Wednesdays, and walk the second half-mile back home with such things […]

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