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Idaho® Potato Mini Lasagnas with Pesto and Kale ~ And A Blogger Success Story


Why do my favorite appetizers have tasty CHEESE in them, let alone slices of potatoes?  It was at the recent "Potatopalooza" hosted by the Idaho Potato Commission and presented by Erika of In Erika’s Kitchen that I managed to consume a half dozen of these savory small bites, Idaho Potato Mini Lasagnas with Pesto and […]

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The Big Salad ~ Men Love This


There was a Seinfeld TV episode where George’s date took credit for bringing a takeout salad to Jerry’s.  She carried it in; George had paid for it. She got the credit. George was confounded. The banter was all about The Big Salad. Not the salad.  The. Big. Salad.  This isn’t that salad, but it’s what […]

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Southwest Chopped Idaho® Potato Salad for Two

Southwest Chopped Idaho Potato Salad for Two

As far as I’m concerned, a big bowl of potatoes in any form is a good thing.  Mashed, riced, french fried, au gratin, baked and classic salad call my name.  So when the Idaho (R) Potato Commission asked if I would come up with a chopped salad featuring spuds… heck, yeah.  My result… a Southwest Chopped […]

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Crunchy Whole Wheat Baked Onion Rings ~ SERIOUSLY Crunchy

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Crunchy Whole Wheat Baked Onion Rings. And why these matter.  Story: my college boyfriend and his gaggle of athletic basketball buddy friends cooked. One staple was homemade onion rings made with bisquick and deep fried in corn oil. I entered college a lanky long-haired, semi hippie who enjoyed the boys’ cooking. Junior year, I caught […]

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Cravon is My First Giveaway! Love Fries?


ACK… spell-check changes CravOn into “Crayon.” I want to post about frozen French fries and Word keeps making it art. But maybe that will help us remember the name of these frozen fries at the store.

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Beets with Red Onion Vinaigrette

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There was this family of four crowding the beets at the farmer’s market. Wait, whoa… they planned on buying ALL OF THEM?? ‘Scuze me, ‘scuze me… got the last bunch. Beets with Red Onion Vinaigrette was the recipe I wanted to share with you this week and it almost didn’t happen.

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Creamy Buttermilk-Herb Potato Salad


Calorie-laden picnic food in WINTER? Come on, hasn’t everyone’s Muffin Top made a grand appearance since the holiday season? I, for one, am already back on the LoseIt app to track my calorie intake. But I made this dish because it’s light, and oooh, really tasty still warm from prep– Cooking Light magazine’s recipe for […]

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While Harvesting Idaho Potatoes, A Killer CORN Recipe Also Showed Up


Waffle fries made from uber-fresh Idaho potatoes, above, were just one of a dozen ways we experienced the harvest. We food bloggers gladly devoured our way through the 2012 Idaho Potato Harvest via (1) salty chips, (2) baked, (3) O-Brien, (4) waffled, (5) three types of salads at the home of Hoffs Farms (four generations […]

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Sister Sue is Vindicated + More Lessons From the 2012 Idaho Potato Harvest


To my big sister Sue, I take it all back. Apologies. Mea culpa. This is a post about my attitude adjustment and your instant potato flakes.

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Mango Avocado Salad ~ “Food, Fast” Is Much Better Than “Fast Food”


Swear on a stack of bibles, I’m not sucking up to sponsors from Camp Blogaway. We ended our Camp with a HUGE supply of goodies, some ripening quickly. Today, I whipped up lunch in five minutes, made a pretty picture, then sat on the porch swing and savored my fresh Mango Avocado Salad.

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Non-Cooks: Yes YOU Can Make Homemade Tamales


Marty, my co-volunteer at the hospital, says he doesn’t cook.  In an effort to fix that, his wife, Irma gave him a series of cooking classes taught by Fresh Food in a Flash blogger, Chef Patricia Rose. April’s class sounded like too much fun (a reasonable $40 price was the clincher to me), so Larry, […]

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Asparagus and Cilantro Baked Omelet


This is what I baked up with whatever I found in the fridge that morning. Kind of a Whatever Baked Omelet — no crust, so it wasn’t a quiche.  Frittata? Whatever! It’s just eggs, milk, cheese, asparagus and cilantro.

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The Secret Ingredient Guacamole Recipe of Rancho La Puerta


A decade ago, there was an office building on my route to work that had a giant banner: a cutie pie baby with green mush on his face and the proclamation, “Give Peas A Chance.”  THAT is a fun foodie message. And now, it’s come full circle to my time at Rancho La Puerta when […]

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