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Dominos in Cuba, The Game, Not The Pizza ~ Rules & Strategies


Don’t worry, American fast food pizza has not yet arrived in Cuba. But “Dominos” is well known throughout the island. Dominos, the tile game, is a ritual, probably nightly for many passionate players.

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Postcards from Cuba–We Visited a Second Time. Why? I Love The People.


Cuba, I love the people. Busy with things that matter. Music, haircut, pottery, breadbaking, fishing, dance, painting, sewing, a rancher with a chicken on his head, ration butchers, cemetery manager, music teacher, taxi.

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Skyspace Slide in LA ~ Anticipation is MUCH Scarier Than The Experience


If something comes with a ticket, Larry wants to do it. So, he booked the Skyspace Slide in downtown LA, PRONTO. Nothing like being a “first.” I’m not afraid of heights, nor of flying through the sky, having bungee jumped, hot air ballooned, helicoptered, parasailed, slid down a glacier on my butt, flown tiny planes […]

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Road Trip! Fresh Cherry Picking in Leona Valley, California is Closer To LA Than You Think


Here is a city-slicker adventure in Southern California: drive to a mouthwatering cherry farm in Leona Valley, called Villa del Sol, and pick cherries! This has been on my bucket list (cuz you use a bucket!).Time to set the alarm clock, slather on sunscreen and pick us some fresh cherries.

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I’m No Cowgirl, But THIS Ranch Suits Me Fine ~ Road Trip to Holman Ranch, Carmel Valley


Picking up our hotel keys at a wine tasting room was an intriguing first glimpse into the Holman style. Recently invited to visit the Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley, California, to give it a blogger’s review, I had zero expectations beyond the fact that I like wine and I like to travel. And while I’m […]

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Under the Paso Robles Sun… is Tuscany! Road Trip to Allegretto Vineyard Resort


We rolled into the experience from LA on a four-day road trip. The Allegretto Vineyard Resort quite literally makes you forget you’re in Paso Robles, California —  this Italian villa style resort is more than a nice surprise, it’s remarkable.

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Larry, Where’s Our Car? ~ Pretty Cool Little Gizmo Review

Larry: What model car did we rent? Me: Black? Larry: You don’t know the make and model? Me: That’s your job. (Now it doesn’t have to be because we have a ZUS car finder and smart phone charger.)

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Tiny Travel Tip: “Red Dot” System–Plus More Tiny Tips From Travel Bloggers


The Red Dot System wasn’t my idea; friend Caroline clued me in for our first African Safari trip. Using a red Sharpie pen, tag old clothes and shoes, then leave behind at the end of a trip. We’re not talking about clothes for a posh Riviera Cruise… more like schlepping around Morocco.

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First Solo Adventure Trip? Choose Morocco. I’m Serious!


In the Overseas Adventure Travel catalog, their Morocco Sahara Odyssey has a special flag: “A Solo Traveler’s Favorite.” Our recent group had 15 travelers – 3 couples and the rest solo women (YEA women!). Youngest was 43, oldest was 78. Two teams of solos knew each other, the rest just came. Brave!

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Our Glam Sahara Tent Camp ~ Overseas Adventure Travel to Morocco


This is our private tent, above. In the Sahara Desert. Middle of absolutely NOWHERE. Up ‘til only two or three years ago, this two-night experience on the Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) tour of Morocco was an adventure in reeeelly roughing it. As in, basic canvas tents, shared outhouse, sink stand propped up in the sand. […]

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Product Review ~ Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Oven


An oven for the campsite. It blew me away when I saw this Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Oven – so I thought a Product Review was in order.

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Road Trip! Finally Visited the Bacara Resort and Spa ~ Ba-CAR-ah, not BOCK-a-Raw


The gal in the hot tub said that going to Bacara Resort and Spa was a local treat for Santa Barbarans. It was her birthday, a spa day with her girlfriend. If it were in my ‘hood, that would make sense to me! Goleta from Playa Vista is just about 100 miles.

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Bacara Resort’s Drought Gesture ~ Clever Idea for California Gardens


California 2015, the drought carries on. We’re supposed to reduce water usage; I don’t believe many people do much to make a dent. Look at this option, thanks Bacara Resort in Goleta, CA. Fountains are shut off and planted with succulents and trinkets.

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