Chicken, Turkey & Goose

Crockpot Curry for Two – Simple, Super Supper


The little slip of paper was in my eyeglass case on the kitchen table for, oh let’s see, THREE houses by now: Westwood, the Playa Vista rental, and now the new house. Time to make this keen little recipe (and alter it slightly) for Slow Cooker (aka “Crockpot”) Curry.

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Chicken Biryani ~ Indian Comfort Food After Stressful Weeks


  Chicken Biryani is Indian comfort food. I needed some. My mom is sick. No, actually Mom is injured. She’s had back surgery, is rehabilitating. Family stressed. Dad is in dire need of sleep and Alone Time (which he gets ‘til she goes home). Doctors, walkers, wheelchairs, meds, anybody who has been here knows. No […]

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Masala, That Yummy Indian Gravy ~ Guest Post by Neha of Much More Than A Homemaker


 Hello dear readers, today we go to “the source” for a recipe I’ve yet to make but Larry and I LOVE TO EAT: the Indian yummy Chicken Masala! When friend, Neha the blogger behind Much More Than A Homemaker offered to guest post for me… “A recipe from a FAB Indian cook? Mmmm masala, please!!”  […]

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Greek Chicken Frikase–Yes I Spelled That Right


This Frikase is not Fricassee. This Frikase recipe is Greek – a super tender chicken dish cooked up with romaine lettuce, then swirled (NOT stirred) with a lip-smacking egg lemon sauce. Even reheated two days later, it was still yummy. I just love lemon-flavored Greek eats.

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Chicken Mushroom Soup & How to Be Sexy


Where’s the “sexy” part??? It’s coming… My recipe writing has gotten boring. “Oh, the weather outside is frightful” kind of stuff. My travel posts, however, are awesome. But you come here for recipes {the blog name Worth The Whisk and all}, and I post tasty, useful, good ones. This is Chicken Mushroom Soup. In July. […]

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Non-Cooks: Yes YOU Can Make Homemade Tamales


Marty, my co-volunteer at the hospital, says he doesn’t cook.  In an effort to fix that, his wife, Irma gave him a series of cooking classes taught by Fresh Food in a Flash blogger, Chef Patricia Rose. April’s class sounded like too much fun (a reasonable $40 price was the clincher to me), so Larry, […]

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Western Shepherd’s Pie ~ Idaho Potatoes + Bloggers = True Love for Valentine’s Day


This Western Shepherd’s Pie is the result of a “love affair” between Idaho® Potatoes and food bloggers first sparked at Camp Blogaway! That’s where the coolest potato guy, Don, had a chance to get to know our community of food bloggers from across the country. Ideas started to hatch, and love blossomed…

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Chicken with Olives and Lemons


It was a dark and stormy night. Well, truth is, it was a sloppy wet January Monday afternoon; we aren’t used to rain here so we make a big thing out of it in LA. And rain makes me want to cook. Chicken with Olives and Lemons was my plan, using edibles from the yard. […]

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Tee Pon Chicken (aka Sherry-Soy Chicken)


Advice, please?  I was cooking a simple Tee Pon Chicken recipe, but fretting about photographing “ugly” brown on brown — dark shredded chicken over brown rice. Forget garnishes, I was HUNGRY and it smelled divine. Taking pictures of meat is a crap-shoot (sorry, kinda graphic when talking about food) but I really wanted to share […]

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Hollywood Bowl Picnic for Speed Demons


Sunday morning, I awoke thinking about Sunday dinner. We had tickets to Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks at the Hollywood Bowl.  Larry is Mr. Ticket; if a concert is coming to LA, he’s all over it. I’m not such a die-hard concert-goer; I love to picnic, however. He loves concerts but loathes the parking. Our […]

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Mary Sue and Susan’s Chipotle Black Bean Turkey Chili


Question: can a household have too many chili recipes? Not in our book, as Larry and I seem to be working on collecting a library of them. Our standard Green Turkey Chili, is darn yummy. But, let’s try more! Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, the Two Hot Tamales have restaurants, cookbooks and some online […]

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White Pepper Chicken Barley Soup Made By A Sometimes Princess


Lucky timing, rain hit the morning after the Valley Performing Arts Center black tie opening. My little satin pumps woulda been ruined! There I was, in line for the potty with Calista Flockhart; Harrison Ford was waiting out in the hall. I people-watched next to Doris Roberts. Moved my tootsies so Beau Bridges could scoot […]

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Guest Post ~ Turkey Enchiladas by Nancy of A Communal Table

Homemade Turkey Enchiladas by Worth The Whisk

FROM NANCY of A Communal Table: Recently Patti contacted me about doing a guest post for her blog and I was thrilled! Well, it’s January and although Spring is typically the season for cleaning in my house it always takes place in January. Maybe it’s the influx of gifts received during the holidays but once […]

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