La Valencia Hotel: Beds, Baths and Way Beyond Awesome

La Valencia Hotel Two Nights Girlfriend GetawayThis Girlfriend Getaway road trip was southbound from our Westside digs to the tony San Diego enclave of La Jolla. In a nutshell, these mini-vacations are three “women of a certain age,” hell bent on a little “me time” away from family, with an extra dose of GIRLY. Destination: the breathtaking La Valencia Hotel.

This was our third Girlfriend Getaway if you don’t count Camp Blogaway  (Vegas, Carmel preceeded).  My two blogger friends, Dorothy of Shockingly Delicious and Erika of In Erika’s Kitchen are uber-busy moms of tweens and young teens.  They work their butts off every day and need a breather. ME? The instigator.

It was my {excited!} luck that the savvy PR agency for “La V” saw the benefits of hosting us for a mid-week adventure. Our mission: report back to our readers some fresh reasons to pick “La V” as a getaway destination. Cameras, phones, iPads, chargers packed… we were OUTTA here.

My college life in San Diego, while just a bike ride from La Jolla, was a world away.  La Jolla in the mid-70s (at least, to me) was nowhere a hippie wannabe and beach bum girl fit. Well, it appears we BOTH have changed!

I discovered how hip – in an earthy kind of way – the village has become.  Happening bistros, unpretentious cafes, down to earth eateries and smart shopping (olive oil store and rare books, just to name a few) can be found paces from the La V. But culinary awesomeness is one of the attractions of OUR lovely hotel, with The Med patio, dining room and terrace eating.  And the upcoming remodeled Café la Rue as a more casual bistro place.  Our eats?  Read about them here.

La Valencia Hotel Features Collage


My brain is struggling with all the details a traveler SHOULD know to choose the La Valencia Hotel.  The ambiance. The amenities. The view.  The pool.  The gym.  The business center. The spectacular San Diego weather and fresh air outdoor activities. But it occurred to me that savvy travelers do their homework, and read reviews and study the website. So let me present 6 well-worth-it details  you may not notice on those websites.

It is true, La V is 80+ years young, like a wealthy Auntie that’s really with-it.  Well preserved, put together, not a hair out of place.  Manicured, pretty (La V is PINK). Often with a little doggy under her arm (DETAIL #1 — La V is dog friendly!)  Historic California Spanish architecture of stucco, exposed wood beams, gorgeous Mexican tiles and comfortable area rugs give the sense that it is OK to put your feet on the table and nobody will give you the Stink Eye.


Just past the reception desk (impossible to not be drawn toward the windows) is a galley-shaped bar and lounge with, I have to believe, THE most delicious cliff/park/ocean view in all of San Diego. DETAIL # 2 — Comfortable Romance with a Capital R.  Friends, want a woman – or guy — to fall in love with you? Take him/her for a drink HERE, not some current trendy place that’s loud and distracting. Live music in the evening here still doesn’t drown out intimate conversation.

Once pried out of the lounge, on to our rooms!  DETAIL #3 – VILLAS actually FEEL “me.”  Stunning, not snotty.  This aging hippie beach bum girl felt GREAT in this room. Wet bar, Keurig coffee machine (!), dining table, fireplace and sitting area and another living room with Flat Screen TV #1, balcony overlooking pool, cliffs, Pacific Ocean!  Bedroom Flat Screen TV #2, writing desk and rolling chair, bath with two separate vanity sinks, deep tub and separate manly sized shower.  It was Morning #2 when I noticed (since I don’t wear glasses in the shower) — it is a {Detail #4} STEAM room!  See why you deserve a villa?  Sorry, Larry, you come with me next time…

Detail #5 is what’s coming up — a day spa!  As in… facials, massages, probably some waxing, relaxing, cucumber things.  Girly, yes, but men definitely love the spas now, too.

And, the newly renovated Cafe La Rue bistro under the direction of Chef Daniel Barron, who is just itching to get cooking in there.  (More about our meal at The Med in another post).

So what do three longtime married women talk about after our first night (each in our own villa) on a Girlfriend Getaway?  Maybe a phone conversation with a kid.  Possibly a work challenge.  Husband stuff.  Nooooo…. here at La V, it was {Detail #6} THE BED.  I hit the pillow and did NOT wake for TEN HOURS.  I adored the smooth and cool cotton sheets.  I adored the abundant down pillows.  I adored the mattress perfect firmness.  I adored the quiet air blowing a bit of white noise and coolness to help me bundle up in that puffy down comforter.  And I adored the ocean view when I peeked over my feet.

La Valencia bed

Sure, soon enough we would venture out and visit the Sea Lions on the cliffs, crawl down the long stairway to the Caves, shop ’til we dropped in the many interesting boutiques, eat good meals and talk and talk and talk.  But DAMN THAT BED was soooo delicious, we ended up asking the hotel for the info, which they graciously (that’s SO La V) provided in typed form:

La Valencia Beds and Linens

La Valencia Hotel

1132 Prospect Street, La Jolla, CA 92037

Sales and Catering:

Main : 858.454.0771
Toll-Free Room Reservations: 800.451.0772
Concierge: 858.551.3773
Sales & Catering: 858.551.3715

The Mediterranean Room: 858.551.3765

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