Cravon is My First Giveaway! Love Fries?

Cravon-frozen-fries.jpgACK… spell-check changes CravOn into “Crayon.” I want to post about frozen French fries and Word keeps making it art. But maybe that will help us remember the name of these frozen fries at the store.

This is a post about French fries. On vacation, I eat ‘em. Back home, nope. I fear fat. Fat in food. Fat on my belly. French fries are… fried!

We all know by now that potatoes aren’t the diet saboteur. It’s what’s done to them that makes muffin tops show up.

Oven fries, one would think, are more diet-friendly. Technically true, but when I make them from scratch, I seem to douse them in olive oil.  That helps them crisp up.  And that adds fat.  Which is where these fries come in.

Cravon is a new line of frozen oven fries, four cuts.  Lower in fat. Me likey. Their slogan is “Never Fried French Fries.” I like the company, have known them for decades – Simplot, they invented the frozen restaurant fry. Based in Idaho, where America’s most famous potatoes are grown.  Read about THAT here.

These fries have a light oil coating. Hint of sea salt. Bake them at 425 degrees F on a dark cookie sheet, that makes a difference.  What you end up with is… real potato, a favorite shape, crisp with as little fat as possible. Lower calories and you still taste the potato. Larry loves crisp fries.

Want some??

cravon-steak-cut-friesGIVEAWAY now CLOSED!  Congrats to winners Greg, Jean and someone I am still waiting to hear back from, LOL..THE GIVEAWAY:  Larry and I joined the Cravon launch PR event in LA for press and buyers. We tasted lots of fries and chatted up visiting Idahoan Simplot folks. And, I snagged three goodie bags (with their blessing) to share with you.

Each contains (1) a free product coupon for frozen Cravon fries, (2) a recipe booklet, (3) t-shirt and (4) one of those handy totes that tuck inside themselves to the size of a tennis ball, great for trips as they seem to be indestructible.

To enter for a chance to win one of my 3 goodie bags, I’ll do 3 random drawings from comments left below by Tax Day, April 15 – that way I can share some good news on a bad day, LOL. Write a comment, tell me anything you want about fries.  (U.S. only, please.) I’ll email the winners on or around April 15 to get your mailing address. Go!

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