While Harvesting Idaho Potatoes, A Killer CORN Recipe Also Showed Up

Waffle-fries.jpgWaffle fries made from uber-fresh Idaho potatoes, above, were just one of a dozen ways we experienced the harvest. We food bloggers gladly devoured our way through the 2012 Idaho Potato Harvest via (1) salty chips, (2) baked, (3) O-Brien, (4) waffled, (5) three types of salads at the home of Hoffs Farms (four generations of potato growers), and a few more by the tour’s end. But to break up the spud lovefest for a sec, at the end of this post is a killer corn recipe.

James HoffThank you, Idaho Potato Commission for teaching us what goes into growing and harvesting America’s favorite veggie. During a whirlwind four days of travel and tour, we were also treated to a fun side adventure with a delicious outcome. Corn maze!  Anything green (in photo below) is tall stalks of corn, anything beige is dirt. The goal is to wander aimlessly and find the area in the shape of the state of Idaho (see it in the top of the maze?), then get back out again. Safely. Which we did, but apparently Sara of Average Betty got a bit lost and uploaded Instagram photos for some help. Hilarious.

Corn Maze Aerial View

Once everyone safely reconvened, we devoured the most delicious corn I’ve eaten in my life, roasted and slathered with Secret Ingredients, revealed below….

Killer Corn Recipe.  Step (1) – get some corn freshly picked from Idaho stalks. I think that was probably the magical beginning.  Roast whole cobs of corn in their husks over a hot fire – grill, pizza oven, whatever.


Step (2) pull the husk off while hot (wear thick gloves) and poke a hole in the bottom, put it on a stick.

Step (3) – smear the hot, cooked corn with mayonnaise.

Schmere with mayonnaise

Step (4) – sprinkle liberally with Parmesan cheese.

Parmesan cheese

Step (5) – EVERY SO GENTLY, sprinkle with chile lime seasoning/spice blend. Too much and your mouth burns for hours. Too little and you miss the awesomeness. Go light and you can always add more.

Step (6) – ENJOY, as did fellow food blogger Dorothy of Shockingly Delicious.  Meagan of Scarletta Bakes was right behind her.

Dorothy eating corn

This familiarization trip was compliments of the Idaho Potato Commission as an educational experience for food bloggers to attend the 2012 potato harvest. Opinions expressed in my posts are wholly my own.

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