Have You Heard The Table Set?

jello-mold-with-logo.jpgMaybe you live up the road from us in LA? My guess is, no. You’re in New York, or Iowa, or Auckland, or Delhi. This “recipe for fun” is for you. This stunning Rainbow Jell-o Mold was just one ooooh – aaaah moment at a pool party, thank you homeowner and party host Greg, the talented blogger at SippitySup. Greg is part of a trio of food guys who host The Table Set podcast.

thetableset-280x280The Table Set is Ring-A-Ding-Ding fun. I subscribe on iTunes and listen on my walks. Soon after I finished Episode 6 “Put An Egg On It!”– JAM PACKED with luscious ideas for brunch — an invite to the party showed up. No way would we miss this, Larry included. Larry is starting to make good blogger friends, too, and Greg is amongst them.  And the party was full of Camp Blogaway food blogger alumni, a happy reunion.

Greg, Andy and Nathan are passionate about food. And cocktails. And entertaining. And their invite resulted in something I never thought would happen. I put on a bathing suit. Arrived at their party. Removed my summer dress. In front of people. Went into the pool. In front of people. Larry, shirtless, got to the knee-deep level, and sat at the edge. Cold? It was refreshing.

It was NOT alcohol that got me to strip. It was… their party spirit. The invite stated that swimming was required. That tells you a lot – this party was guaranteed to be fun, colorful, playful, sophisticated, grownup (no kids, but one fab little Boston Terrier named Jackie). And listening to the podcast in advance, I anticipated there may be eats served between waffles. We were not disappointed.

A groaning board of seasonal vegetable salads, pulled pork sammie makin’s. Homemade ice cream sandwiches. Punch so potent, I caught a whiff of the hooch from the sidewalk. And that bejeweled Jell-o mold, gorgeous! It’s Greg’s.  See his comment, below, for his instructions.

The Table Set put me in a party mood. It may just do the same for you.  Wherever you live… subscribe free to the podcast and enjoy a taste of California living, courtesy of Greg, Nathan and Andy.  Theirs is one of four podcasts produced by Home Fries.

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