Chestnut Cakes

Do you remember THIS THROWDOWN (to myself)?  My jar of Roland chestnuts was befuddling. What the heck does a California girl make with chestnuts? Plenty of folks tweeted suggestions; most were savory (as in, toss with brussel sprouts. Seriously?). A few readers told me to eat them from the jar. Tempting, but I envisioned something homey and sweet and baked. Thanks to another tweet, I landed on this stunning Australian blog: Scandi Foodie. That’s it!  I decided to make her Chestnut Cakes.

Then I decided NOT to.  One look at the Finnish/Australian-ness of her recipe had me at square one. But considering the fact that I am a real home economist, I googled and calculated, and made some Patti adjustments ingredient-wise (her recipe calls for chestnut puree, I pureed the chestnuts) and flavor-wise, adding cloves and cinnamon. And ended up with two dense, fairly tasty but certainly not perfect Chestnut Cakes.

Confession: mine were OK, but not “worth the whisk,” if you get my drift. I’m not going to give you my recipe. Maria’s recipe (of Scandi blog) is what you should follow if you want to bake Chestnut Cakes. So here is her link, enjoy her lovely blog, and ~ WHEW ~ the chestnuts are gone.

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