Your Advice, Please ~ What Do You Do With Chestnuts?

chestnutsHelp!  My longtime food pro friend Lisa Ekus sent me a generous box of Roland specialty food products, lotsa fun stuff. But this California-born and still-lives-in-LA foodie (the Land of Every Kind of Eats, in other words) has a confession – Chestnuts are foreign food to me. I’m asking for your help here… what recipe to cook with a jar of Chestnuts?

Yes, I can Google, or go to the Roland website for their recipes. But you, dear readers, are literally all over the globe. Help me? Please publish your advice as a comment, below. Provide a link to your suggested Chestnut-packin’ recipe. Or write the whole recipe (space unlimited!). Tell me a story about Chestnuts. I’m scared of them. They look like what happens when hazelnuts breed with figs.

UPDATE:  I made these really pretty CHESTNUT CAKES with that jar.  But would LOVE more ideas, so please keep ‘em coming.

— 7.4 ounces, Vacuum Pack “Product of France.” Give me something to make for Super Bowl Sunday that uses them all up.  GO!

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