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Meatless Monday listThese will be two busy weeks. Saturday, I conduct Camp Blogaway Day Camp. The following weekend, another camp takes place, Camp GetAway for Mothers & Others.  WHEW, but I am still thinking about YOU, my friendly readers. I wanted to post something useful, yet let myself off the hook for cooking, photographing, recipe writing. Aha! Right in front of my eyes… my Meatless Mondays list.

Meatless Mondays make a lot of sense. Besides the health reasons for cutting down carnivorous behavior, the impact on our environment and happier wallets are two more good reasons to go meatless more often.

About a month ago, both of us feeling kinda pudgy, Larry and I decided we’d be vegetarians for September. Not vegan, just meatless – if it walks, flies or swims, we wouldn’t cook it at home. Dairy, eggs, OK.  I was all over that; I went 15 years as a vegetarian (and will post that whole story some other time). Then he asked, “but what will we eeeeeeeeeeat???”  Meaning, “not weirdo food, what’s like our normal type of eats, minus meat?” Not difficult, within five minutes, I posted this. I think if you printed my list and cooked up a few each week, your own family might not notice if meat went missing.

Sorry for the quickie post, but readers, will you do me a favor? Leave a comment with YOUR favorite meatless meals, plus links to posts and recipes. THANKS! You’ll help a lot these busy weeks!

Some comfort foods I forgot to write on my list:

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