How to Make a Tin Can Man

How-to-make-a-Tin-Can-ManA Peeping Tin was eyeing me from Cathi and Barry’s garden wall during their BBQ.  He was a gift from their daughter Kristi, purchased from a local Italian restaurant.  Once you know that, you can see the types of tomatoes used for cooking: diced, pureed, crushed, sauce, paste.  Isn’t this a perfect way for a restaurant to recycle?

I did a Google search for “Tin Can Man” and found a few craft projects, but none were as fine as Cathi’s (some were painted, others too goofy to hang anywhere).  I’m the daughter of an engineer: I visually deconstructed this guy.  Here’s how to make him:

How to Make a Tin Can Man

Craft Project

  • 1 medium vegetable, fruit or coffee can (head)
  • 1 large can (torso)
  • 2 medium cans (upper arms)
  • 6 small vegetable or fruit cans (forearms & legs)
  • 5 lids cut from cans (ears, nose, hands)
  • 4 tomato paste cans (ankles, feet)
  • 5 round bottle caps (eyes, buttons)
  • 11 screws with bolt backings
  • heavy gauge wire
  • Epoxy glue or clear-drying caulk

Tools needed include drill, hole punch, hammer or mallet, metal cutters, “church key” can opener, duct tape, screwdriver.

Remove labels from cans.  Bottle caps may need to be painted if they have artwork on them, your choice.

On the head, using metal cutters, make ear slits on both sides of the can and insert lids.  Glue ears in place with epoxy or caulk.

For the eyes, drill two holes and attach bottle caps with screws and bolt (either use the drill or hole punch to make a hole in each cap).

For the nose, bend a tomato paste can down the middle, then bend back the “nose bridge” slightly to lay flat on the face.  Duct tape the nose in place while you drill holes through it and the head.  Bolt the nose to the head.

For Torso buttons, drill three holes and attach three bottle caps with screws and bolts, as per the eyes.

To build the arms and legs, poke holes in a few places around the rims with either the can opener, hole punch or drill.  Attach next can via wire.  Poke holes in shoulders of torso and attach upper arms.  To make hands, first DRAW the outline of hands onto two tomato paste can tops.  Then cut with wire cutters.  Attach via holes and wire.

Repeat process for legs and feet.

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